Plantronics RIG 4VR Headset Review

We’ve not had much experience with PlayStation VR. Since playing it at ComiC Con about a week ago, it’s been regarded as some kind of fad. By the way, get on Farpoint. Amazing. But to others, VR as we know it now seems to be the beginning of something huge. Let’s see shall we? But regardless of my feelings, apart from the expensive VR headsets available, there is a flurry of accessories that can go with your initial purchase, like the Plantronics RIG 4VR headphones.

The PlayStation VR headset doesn’t come with headphones, and to achieve total immersion, you definitely need them. I can’t see it being hugely fun if you have your game sounds coming from your television. The Plantronics RIG 4VR are also very large, giving enough space to fit over the already chunky VR headset. Earcups again are large, but that’s so they are able to hug your ears. What’s interesting is the modular design, meaning most parts can be removed from the main frame, but I can’t see any benefit to this except if something was to break. It could be easily switched out for another part.

The colour design is very similar to the PS VR headset itself. The headphones features a very prominent white with many black accents. It makes using the PS VR and these headphones look like one complete package.

The actual padding of the earcups is very soft, making them bearable for long periods of use. It also allows for a bit of airflow around the back of the ears to save them from that clammy feeling that usually comes from larger over ear headphones. They feature an open back design, meaning sound quality should be at its highest, yet will probably annoy other people in the room not taking part in the game experience.

Everything connection wise enters through the left earcup. There are two cables that will come from the VR headset itself, but also your Playstation game controller. This enables you to implement the modular microphone into the games. The microphone acts as a boom arm that can be bent into place for your comfort. I found that around a couple of inches from my mouth was the optimum distance for people to hear me clearly during normal conversation rather than shouting.

In terms of sound quality – as this is probably the most important thing with a pair of headphones right – is actually pretty good. Yes there is a lack of punch to the bass so weapons don’t sound as full, but the mids and highs give off some nice tones. Music playback is very accurate and a pleasant experience. Sounds feel very present, and the actual soundstage is pretty wide, letting you know with some degree of accuracy where sounds are actually coming from. Useful in a game like Battlefield or CoD.

So should you buy? Sure. If you’re after a headset that matches your PS VR headset then sure. Price is good too. We’ve seen it retail for under £60 online ,so why not treat yourself? For more information on the Plantronics RIG 4VR then check out their website.

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