It’s that time of year, when Funko start releasing information on their San Diego Comic Con Exclusive products! Year on year, Funko churn out new and improved products and their popularity is soaring through the roof, with their SDCC items being some of the rarest, most desirable products they produce. With rare products, comes the struggle of getting them and even though I’ve never actually been, I’m told it’s a nightmare to purchase said items. Apparently you can queue for hours and hours, just to receive a ticket to be entered into a lottery… just to gain entrance into the Funko booth! Utter madness! No wonder a $15 pop can be flipped for thousands sometimes Anyway, Funko will be releasing information of their exclusives all week, so this post will be updated as and when but for now, this is what we already know.

Wave 1 / June 05 2017

The first wave includes Star Wars and what a way to get people excited. This wave of exclusives includes four Pop! Vinyls, Rogue One – Bodhi Rook, Rogue One – Combat Assault Tank Trooper, Holographic Princess Leia & R2-D2 AND an impressive 6″ Supreme Leader Snoke (Glow-in-the-Dark).

Wave 2 / June 07 2017

The second wave includes lots of Scott Pilgrim vs The World items and our first sight of limited edition items! This includes 3No. Pop! Vinyls,  Scott with Sword of Destiny (2000pc LE), Nega Scott & Roxy Richter (2500pc LE), plus a 3 pack Scott Pilgrim Dorbz (500pc LE) and Ramona Flowers rock candy (1250pc LE).

Wave 3 / June 09 2017

Wave 3 is the first on the Marvel waves and im sure more will come! This wave includes Gwenpool with Selfie Stick, Red She-Hulk, Captain America (Bucky Cap) & Spider-Man Homecoming – Tony Stark (holding helmet) Pop! Vinyls, plus a Rock Candy: Gwenpool.

Wave 4 / June 11 2017

Wave 4 is a cartoon round and includes Ren & Stimpy – Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy 2-pack (2500pc LE), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Baxter Stockman, Catdog – Flocked Catdog, South Park – The Coon and South Park – Mint-Berry Crunch Pop! Vinyls.

Wave 5 / June 14 2017

DC is the topic in wave 5 and it is jammed back! Here is what can be expected. Wonder Woman – Ares, Suicide Squad – Joker Batman, Justice League – Bruce Wayne, Justice League – Aquaman with Motherbox, Blue Chrome Batman (Toy Tokyo), Batman The Animated Series – Man Bat, Interplanetary Batman & Wonder Twins 3-pack – Zan, Jayna & Gleek Pop! Vinyls. Plus Wonder Woman – Wonder Woman & Ares 2-pack & Classic Nightwing & Deathstroke 2-pack (1500 LE) Dorbz.

Wave 6 / June 16 2017

Wave 6 is all about the most popular and current TV programs. This line up includes Twin Peaks – Black Lodge Cooper & Laura 2-pack, Mr. Robot – Masked Elliot Alderson, The Walking Dead – T-Dog, Doctor Who – Clara, The Tick –The Tick (Glow-in-the-Dark), Stranger Things – Steve and Stranger Things – Mr. Clarke Pop! Vinyls.

Wave 7 / June 19 2017

Wave 7 is dedicated to Warner Bro’s and sees the following added to this already HUGE line up. The 100 – Lincoln as Reaper (750pc LE), Supernatural – Baby with Dean, Lord of the Rings – Aragorn & Arwen 2-pack, Harry Potter: Harry on Broom, Harry Potter: Luna Lovegood with Glasses and Fantastic Beasts – 6” Occamy Pop! Vinyls.

Wave 8 / June 21 2017

The time has come, the first of the Disney exclusive items arrive in wave 8 and they look awesome! This wave includes a Chip & Dale 2-pack (Flocked), Winnie the Pooh – Bouncing Tigger (Flocked), Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride – Mr. Toad (1500 LE), Moana – Hei Hei, Jolly Roger (Glow-in-the-Dark 1000 LE) and Darkwing Duck – Negatron (Glow-in-the-Dark) Pop! Vinyls, plus a super sweeeet looking Aladdin & Abu with Magic Carpet Drobz!

Wave 9 / June 23 2017

Perhaps they are struggling to put items in proper waves now, as wave 9 is Miscellaneous! So we get a right good mix of items in this wave and they include, Sister Location – Jumpscare Funtime Foxy, Sister Location – Jumpscare Baby, Elder Scrolls – 6” Dwarven Colossus, Dr. Seuss – Lorax (flocked), Power Rangers – 6” Megazord and MOTU – Scareglow (GITD) Pop! vinyls, plus MOTU – Panthor w/ Battle Armor Skeletor Dorbz ride and a MOTU – She-Ra Rock Candy.

This page will be updated as and when new info is released, so make sure you check back regularly!

Here are some ‘rumours’ that we have seen:

  • DC, Marvel & Disney waves to come
  • There are a huge 12 waves and each will consist of 4-12 items
  • Reveals could carry on through to early July
  • Each wave is themed… but I could have told you that one!