Nescafe Dolce Gusto ‘Infinissima’ Coffee Machine Review


Nescafe Dolce Gusto is back, with a new coffee machine, ‘Infinissima’, and we got sent one to try out! We tried out their Eclipse machine late last year, which is still their top of the range, automatic coffee machine, but now we have been sent their new, affordable, manual solution coffee machine. From the initial images, it looks very modern & qwerky, but how will that coffee taste? Let’s find out.

Tech Spec:
– Minimalist design, fitting seamlessly into compact kitchens
– Maximum 15 bar pump pressure for coffee shop quality
– 1500w heating power
– 1.2 Litre water tank
– Adjustable drip tray to suit all cup size
– Available in a variety of colours
– Easy to use manual system
– Can prepare both hot and cold beverages
– A slim line offering at just 15cm (W) x 37cm (H) x 28cm (D)

The first thing to mention, is this machine is built by both Krups and De’Longhi, but the spec and price remains the same, the only difference is the branding and colour schemes available. We got sent the Krups version, which is available in white & black, black or red & black. Whereas the De’Longi version offers black & charcoal, black & white or black & red.

Inside the box is the coffee machine, fully constructed and hardwired, plus an instruction manual & brochure. We also got sent some coffee pods to use, but don’t expect to get any with your purchase, unless a deal is advertised. Set up of the machine was very easy, just plug into the socket and away you go. The water tank is detachable, so this may need to be secured in place and you will also need to do an initial water pass through, before first use. Instructions on how to do this are included.

As with all Dolce Gusto machines, they use pods to house their coffee drinks, which come in many varieties. They offer everything from Americano’s too hot chocolates, mocha’s, espressos and even tea’s. Prices vary depending on how many pods you get in a box, but your standard Americano with 16 pods in, retails at £4.49, working out at just 28p per coffee, which is a steal. They also often do discount vouchers and offers, so you could get your morning coffee for even less cost.


Using the machine is very, very simple, one of the easiest I’ve used before. Lift the lid, insert the desired pod, fill water tank up, place a cup of your choice and move the lever either to hot or cold setting. Yes, the machine will produce cold coffees for you, and Nescafe offers recipes for even more variety. This is a manual machine, so you need to put the lever back into the neutral position to stop the flow of water when you’re coffee is ready. If you leave it running and walk away, it will overflow and spill everywhere! But when is your coffee ready? Depending on which pod you’re using, it will state how much water they recommend for the best taste. The ones I tried were either 180ml or 300ml. My only issue with this is knowing what those measures of water look like in my cup. I don’t want to pre-measure with water, mark a line with my sharpie, on my favourite mug. Over time, you get to know how much water you need, but an automatic machine has much better consistency.

The results are good, the coffee tastes great, they come out hot, or cold if you want it that way, and the amount of different pods available, is excellent. The Infinissima would make the ideal first coffee machine for anyone wanting to get into ‘coffee shop’ style coffees, at home.

The machine is currently available for £100 via Debenhams only.


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