Samsung Q900R 8K Television Launch This Month

Samsung q900r 8k television

After witnessing 8K televisions at IFA 2018, its now safe to say that they are in fact coming to market, with the introduction of the new Samsung Q900R 8K television.

The TV itself will be able to be pre-ordered from October 3rd 2018 from selected retailers as well as Prices will start from £4,999,99. The Samsung Q900R will be sold and delivered from the 17th October 2018.

The television which was put to the test at IFA 2018 will feature 8K up scaling AI technology to produce some vivid, realistic and life-like images. With a complete lack of native 8K content on the market, this is the only way right now to experience an 8K image.

Samsung did a great job of producing some ultra-sharp lifelike images on their stand at IFA 2018, but it still needs to be put to the real life test. For now, we remain optimistic on whether this TV could perform as well as it needs to, to warrant its huge price tag.

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