Moshi Arcus Backpack Review

Moshi are a new brand to us. We hadn’t heard of them until they got in touch but boy, are we glad they did! Moshi sell a range of premium accessories and peripherals for Apple, Android and Kindle devices, which include cases, cables, headphones, speakers, keyboards and most importantly, bags of all shapes and sizes. Moshi sent over one of their more functional bags, the Arcus Backpack, which I’m hoping will hold and protect my tech when on the move.

This is a multi-function backpack, allowing you to use it as an every day bag, to house some books, clothes, your large packet of Doritos(!?) but it’s so much more than that. This backpack has been designed with a photography/tech mind set and has various sections, designed to protect and carry specific pieces of kit, such as laptops and cameras. Here are some of the specs listed for the backpack:


  • Lightweight and durable fabric with weather-resistant surface treatment
  • Crush-resistant compartment for sunglasses and headphones
  • Spacious main compartment with side-loading panel
  • Fully-cushioned laptop (up to 15″), tablet, and smartphone pockets
  • Padded Airmesh shoulder straps and back support for breathability
  • Detachable strap for added comfort with heavier loads
  • Elasticized exterior pocket for a water bottle, tripod, or umbrella


Straight away, I can feel, seeand& smell the quality and premium materials used in this backpack. The backpack comes in two colours, black or titanium grey. We got the latter, which in my opinion, is way better looking than black. It’s very lightweight and resembles the shape and size of your typical backpack. I love the way it looks! It has hints of beige, dark brown and satin silver, which is a perfect combination of modern, meets classy. I’m not going to throw the bag on the ground but the stitching and craftsmanship used, matched with two rubber feet on its bottom, fills me with confidence that this is a durable and robust bag. There are two padded straps on the back, which resemble seat belts. They are that wide!. They’re are adjustable and a cross strap for added support with heavier loads is also present. The back of the bag is padded and there is also a handle at the top, in case you want to carry it by hand.

At the top of the back, is a reinforced, ‘crush-resistant’, zipped area, which is large enough for your most precious items, such as your sunglasses or headphones. Below that is the main entry point for the bag, which offers a very wide opening, which helps for easy storing. The main compartment is very spacious and Moshi say is enough space for a jacket, shoes, workout clothes, books, and more. Well, I had to test this and I would agree, I was able to get enough items in my bag for a short trip away, albeit they were a tad creased! At the bottom of the main compartment, there is a side-loading panel, which offers quick access to difficult-to-reach items at the bottom of the bag. But that is not all, Moshi also offer an ‘Arcus Camera Insert’ bag/case, which fits perfectly in the bottom of the bag, on its side, with easy side access via two zips, which can have up to three compartments. It will house your average DSLR camera, a zoom and a flash gun, or whatever configuration you desire. This is a big selling point for me, as instead of taking the back off or trying to reach in from the top (both annoying), you can swing the bag round slightly, while still on your shoulder and access everything. Problem? It isn’t included with the bag and costs another £50, plus, once you insert the case into the bag, it pretty much takes up all the space, leaving very little space at the top for your other belongings.

Watch this short clip, it shows what the bag is really like. It’s far easier than me trying to show you via photos!

Going back to the top of the backpack and at the back, there is a wrap around zip, which opens up by about  45 degrees, that will carry up to a 15″ laptop, plus a tablet and some smaller items, all of which are well padded and protected. While we’re at the back, there are two zipped pockets on the back of the bag, which are ideal for your most important items i.e. passport and money. When the bag is on your back, these pockets are the most protected out of them all and any pick pockets wouldn’t even know they were there! There are also zipped pockets on the front and the side, plus an elasticized side pocket, suitable for a tripod, umbrella, or water bottle for quick grabbing on the go.

I filled the bag up with all sorts of tech, including my laptop and DSLR camera, plus a water bottle and some old heavy folders from uni, that I should throw away, and went for a walk around London. The straps on the bag are easily adjustable and it didn’t take long for me to find a comfortable setting. I must have been walking around for a few hours, over the course of the day and I never felt any discomfort. It was a joy to have on my back!

What can I say, other than Moshi have smashed it. I love the bag in every way. It’s comfortable, practical, safe, secure and it looks great. The only downside, it currently retails at £199, plus an extra £50 if you want the camera case, which may be too much for some, but in my eyes, worth every penny! For further info and to purchase, visit the official Moshi website.