Audiofly AF56W Wireless Headphones Review

Being the slight audiophile that I am I was excited to get my hands on the new Audiofly AF56W wireless in-ear headphones. To give you some context, Audiofly are an audio specialist with a focus on high end headphones. Not that they don’t do the cheaper stuff, they do, as the AF56s come in at £89.99 on their website. But with their range beginning from £35 budget buds right up to just under £1000 for a decent set of in ear monitor headphones, Audiofly seem to know what they’re doing when it comes to portable audio.

The Audiofly AF50w headphones come sealed in a box with a transparent window so you can see the item before opening up. There is some detail dotted around each side giving some bullet points on how the headphones will perform. They’re packaged nicely, and open with a seal at the base of the box. Once inside, the headphones are found resting in a foam holder, and the accessories like the case and USB charging cable are found underneath.

The headphones are mostly made from a plastic type material, including both in-line remotes. The earbuds that the headphones come pre-fitted with are rather small, but there are a number of different sizes you can choose from inside the box. I chose the largest as I like a seal to keep out external noise, but also because I have large ears.

The chord which connects both earbuds has a rope like texture, like a very thin braided cable giving the cable a bit of protection and hopefully will reduce fraying. There are two inline remotes present along the cord: one for your volume up and down, and the other one for the housing of the battery. It’s how they can boast a five hour playback time alongside a 200 hour standby time. They lasted me the week, using the headphones on my commutes. They charge via microUSB which is provided.

Inside the actual earbud area are two 13mm drivers that are responsible for pushing out that great sound, hence the flat area. They seem open, as the drivers are covered by what looks like a grill, which equates to better sound. Open backed headphones will always give you a clearer sound. although you will probably annoy people around you depending on your desired volume levels.

I know that I raved about Audiofly’s lineup earlier on in the review, but since having listened to the sound quality of the Audiofly AF56Ws, I’m not so sure. Okay, that sounds as if I’m just about to rip them apart. I’m not, and actually don’t have much to complain about. Mids and trebles were very present, with some decent clarity in the music I was listening to. The biggest let down was bass. I don’t think the headphones were incapable of producing some thuds,  but the seal that the earbud made in my ear was loose, and I used the biggest sized buds.

The soundstage is wide, and there is a definite difference in the many instruments present in music tracks. Even the more quite sounds like high-hats and cymbals make some kind of appearance. Vocals are very neutral, although they seem to be more prominent over music, thanks to the various frequencies the headphones are able to produce.

So the Audiofly AF56W wireless headphones aren’t bad. There is a distinct lack of bass in the set I tried, but I think that was due to the lack of seal the headphones produced when inside my ears. Other than that, the sound is actually pretty crisp and clean sounding. Being Bluetooth means they can be used with mobile phones as well as other Bluetooth devices, and they feel like they’ve been built pretty well. For more information, please visit the Audiofly website.

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  • Gordon

    I have this model. I find it short on battery life when compared with Beats and other models I’ve used.

    Sound is good and a major driver for me was the value proposition of price. The product was endorsed by the salesperson at JB HiFi.

    Lastly buying Australian Made as I was told the product from my country was a major purchasing consideration.

    Next time I feel I will pay a little more and go with a better known brand.

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