We’ve tried Monster products before, no not the sports drink, the audio brand! We recently tried out the Monster FirecrackJP100 speaker, and although it had a random torch on it, sound performance was good.¬† We’ve now been sent a pair of earphones, the iSport Spirit. They are a pair of wireless Bluetooth sports earphones, with voice control and two sound profiles. Let’s see how well they perform.


  • Easy voice control for music with ‘Monster Talk’
  • Two sound profiles for normal and turbo [9mm driver]
  • High sound isolation
  • Up to 8hrs playback
  • Microphone for voice calls
  • Tangle-resistant cable
  • Water resistant (sweat proof)
  • 2-year warranty

Inside the box, you get the earphones, a USB cable for charging, different size earbuds, some instructions and a nice little carry case to protect the earphones on the move. The earphones are black, and I believe that’s the only colour available right now. The colour scheme is a blend of matte black and brushed metal finish, which goes really well and I like the look a lot. These are predominantly constructed from plastic, but they do have a premium feel to them. These are wireless earphones, but only in the sense, they do not plug directly into your music device, they still have a cable from ear to ear, unlike pure wireless like the Apple earpods. Each earphone has a ‘sports clip’, which is what Monster call it, but it’s essentially a piece of rubber that sits inside your outer ear, keeping the earphone secure. This is a great feature for sports earphones and I’ve found in that past, you need this extra ‘hook’ to keep earphones in while running or alike.


There is an inline remote included in the cable, which can be used to control the earphones, as well as the USB port for charging. There is a second piece of plastic on the cable, the same shape and size of the remote control, but has no buttons and I cannot see a reason for it unless its to counterbalance the remote weight? The earphones are magnetic, so they clip together when close, and if out the ear, connect to form a necklace of sorts, and essentially keeping them around your neck. Overall, they look and feel good.

Set up was easy, just turn the earphones on via the circular button and connect to your Bluetooth enabled device. You will get a robotic female voice prompt when you have successfully connected, or powered on/off. Controls were as simple as pressing the button, very straightforward and if you hold both + & – together, it activates turbo mode.

Monster tends to be quite bass heavy in their products, and these earphones are no exception! For us, the level of bass is good, it’s full and thumpy, but fear not, the mids & highs are good too, so the overall sound is enjoyable. There is no option to change any audio settings. Activating the turbo mode, seemed to just increase the overall volume, and perhaps increase the bass a little too, it didn’t necessarily improve the audio quality as such. I would use the mode in loud situations, busy town or even on an aeroplane, to give that extra boost of sound isolation. These have no active noise cancellation, but because you can achieve such a snug and secure fit, that acts as a passive cancellation, which allows you to get away from it all.

I can’t run very well, so I avoid it unless being chased, but I do like to row occasionally. After a 20minute run, I can confirm the earphones remained in my ears for the duration, was comfortable and my sweating didn’t have an effect on them.

Overall, the Monster iSport Spirit are a decent pair of earphones, offering a quality sound, very comfortable & secure, and at a great price point (they retail at £49.99). For more info and to purchase, check out their Argos listing.