House of Marley No Bounds Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

house of marley no bounds speaker

First time we laid eyes on this beautiful looking portable speaker was back at IFA 2018. The House Of Marley No Bounds speaker is made from their signature ReWind fabric and ReGrind Cork so you know it’s pretty safe for the environment. The box is even made from recycled materials too. Yet again, HoM has looked out for the environment. Wonderful.

And speaking of packaging, it looks  great. There’s a big flap which once opened reveals a window to the actual product inside. A try before you buy type deal where you can check out the colour of the speaker to make sure it’s the one you want. Very easy to get inside as well without damaging anything. I’m a box keeper, and there is nothing worse than ripping packaging.

Inside you will find the speaker itself, a caribiner clip so you can hang the speaker in various locations like in the bathroom for example as it’s full IP67 rated. This means full protection from water and dust. There’s also a microUSB cable too for charging which is sleeved in HoM’s usual fabric. Okay, on to the speaker.

It looks great. I love the aesthetic of the Marley products and the House of Marley No Bounds speaker is no different. It has that kind of cork type look to it throughout, although the majority has been coloured with these little specs of lighter colour. The base is full cork with a rubber ring to give it some stability when sitting on your desk.

The buttons are placed around the edge of the cylinder shape. There are your usual power and Bluetooth as well as play/pause and skip track buttons too. However they’re very hard to see what they actually do as there are no raised symbols to feel. And what symbols are the same colour as the body of the speaker so they very much camouflage into their environment.

The caribiner clip is there to hang the speaker off of various hooks, so whether you’re in the shower, inside a tent in the wild or just wanting to walk around with a speaker attached to your belt. It’s nice and strong so I can’t see it getting damaged easily.

Although present, especially through something like Childish Gambino’s This Is America with the low rumbling, there’s a distinct lack of bass present in the music. This becomes more apparent if you move onto more bass-centric music like M.I.A’s Boyz which relies on the tom drums to produce the backing track. It does unfortunately make music tracks feel very dead. However clarity in the mid and high tones as well as vocals is very good. Separation is again not great, but that’s more to do with the sound coming from one area of the product, But it’s far from the worst speakers we’ve heard here on TechNuovo and would suit someone wanting a bit of background music while chilling round the pool or while out camping in the wild, especially as it’s carrying a 10 hour battery life.

The nice thing is the House of Marley No Bounds speaker is available in a number of different colours too, so you can certainly match your style to  the music for sure. The speaker currently retails for around £50 from various online retailers including HoM themselves. For more information, head over to the HoM website.


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