Monster Firecracker JP100 Classic Rock Edition Review


Monster, known for their headphones, speakers and cables, continue to produce new and exciting products for the mass market. Their latest instalment, a new variant on their popular Firecracker Bluetooth speaker, sees them collaborate with the mighty Joe Perry from Aerosmith. Known as the Monster Firecracker JP100 Classic Rock Edition, the speaker boasts a very bold & glitzy image, a carry handle & torch (?!). We got sent one, let’s start playing.

Tech Spec:

  • Stereo (from 2 full-range drivers) with single passive bass radiator
  • Joe Perry custom-tuned Classic Rock audio
  • 16+ hours of continuous play
  • 7 hour high-intensity ‘PhotoLite’ Flashlight (500 lumen)
  • Splash Resistant for outdoor use (IPX-5)
  • Quick Convenient Pairing with NFC Compatibility
  • Sealed Port for Aux In (3.5mm) and Charging

The speaker itself comes well presented in a box and, it’s smaller than I expected. It’s very much a handheld speaker, it’s light and easy to handle. The speaker is triangle is shape, with a torch at one end, and the controls at the other. It’s got a very small handle, which can’t really be used with your fingers, more to clip it onto your backpack or similar. Near the torch end, is a rubber cover, which underneath shows the aux port and micro USB charging port. There is just one finish, a mixture of polished & matte gold, plus matte black. You will notice the distinct Joe Perry autograph and Aerosmith logo, printed onto the gold mesh. Funny thing about that, if you place the speaker down onto a table, so it sits on the pre-determined rubber feet, the logo is upside down. It’s quite odd, perhaps it’s a factory error. That being said, I very much like the colour scheme, shape and size of the speaker.


This is a Bluetooth speaker at heart and connects to your smart device via the usual process or via the handy NFC feature, which is rarely seen on Bluetooth speakers. As mentioned before, if for some reason you do not have Bluetooth, there is an aux port you can utilise. Using the speaker is simple, there are just four buttons that can be used. Power on/off or play/pause, volume up/down or track left/right and the torch on/off. The buttons are made from rubber and work as they should.

Turning the speaker on for the first time, there is a female, robotic like voice, it says something along the lines of ‘Hello’, but I’ve tried to blank it out. It’s hideous, tacky and completely unnecessary! Now that’s out the way, it’s time to listen to some music.

I listened to a variety of music via the firecracker and in all instances, was hugely impressed with the sound coming out. It’s a very small speaker but it can hold its own against larger competitors. There is a good mix of highs & mids, with enough bass at the low end. Volume wise, it can get quite loud and sustains its quality at the higher levels. Overall, a very enjoyable experience, that I could easily get used to.


Battery wise, Monster state 16+ hours of playback, which is a little on the generous side but I wasn’t far of that when depleting my full charge. Using the torch will have an effect on battery life. Speaking of torches, it’s bright, punching out 500 lumens but why is it there? Is it necessary to have a torch on a speaker? I don’t think so and it very much feels like a last-minute addition/gimmick.

I believe the speaker is exclusive to Harrods Tech Department (UK) right now and is not to be mistaken for its bigger brother, the Monster Blaster Classic Rock Edition, which is also available.

It retails at £149.99, £50 more than the standard addition and would you tell the difference in sound? Does Joe’s input and tweaking justify the increase in price, I’m not sure. Either way, the quality of this speaker is excellent, and you will enjoy the music coming from it.


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