MiPOW Playbulb Product Round Up


MIPOW, an authorised manufacturing licensee of Apple Inc., is a global leader in premium mobile device accessories and have now branched out into the ‘smart’ lighting control industry.

MiPOW Playbulb Garden – £39.99 each

Launched this summer, the PlayBulb Garden is a smart colour LED garden light that adds vibrant colours and effects to your garden. Circular in form, with the solar panel centrally on top, the PlayBulb can go anywhere within your garden. It looks great on a table or within flower beds, which is made very easy with the spike attachment included. The PlayBulb is Bluetooth ready and connects to your smart device using the PlayBulb app. You can select a number of settings within the app, to which they all work really well. I tested it at night, on a full charge and really enjoyed the brightness and colours available within the app. Not only is it good for colour if your having a party, its natural white light is also very effective and useful as a task light. It’s very light and portable and when left outside, charges itself using the sun’s rays. If you have several you can set a scene within the app. It could add real character to your garden!



MiPOW Playbulb Studio Pack

We’ve spoken about the garden, now let’s bring the fun inside! Lighting control has been around for years, but it is very expensive, so you may have never heard or thought about it before. Now there are cheaper forms of lighting control, which adds ease and a touch of elegance to your lighting at home. The MiPOW PlayBulb Studio Pack is one of those! The pack is formed of two different lamps and a candle, all of which are LED so very efficient and they are all ‘smart’. Both lamps can be used in ceiling pendants, floor or table lamps and used as a traditional light source…if you want that to! Otherwise they become smart lamps with a number of features that are mentioned below. The lamps are of a high quality, with a good lumen output, which will fill a medium sized bedroom with a warm white light. I forgot to say, the PlayBulb Colour has a built in speaker, COOL! There is also a candle, which offers a more subtle ‘moody’ light, which does have a candle flicker effect which looks great on a side table at night.

PlayBulb Colour (large lamp) – £79.99
PlayBulb Rainbow (small lamp) – £29.99
Playbulb Candel – £17.99


Playbulb App

So as with everything ‘smart’ nowadays, there is an app. It’s available on both iOS and Android and it is free. After playing around with the app a few times, I have to say its incredibly easy to use and it’s simple interface works great. Within in the app, there is a menu with a number of functions that you can use, including device, timer, security and preferences. The first step is to link your smart device with your MiPOW product and this is done via the ‘device’ function. The MiPOW product will show up, click on it and you will be connected. You can control a number of products from the app at any one time. All of the products mentioned above can be controlled via the app, though some have more features than others. Once connected, click the product you want to control and it will take you to the options for that product. You will be greeted by a circular wheel of colour, to which you can drag your finger to the colour of your choice and the product will change giving you an infinite choice of colour! You can adjust the lamp’s brightness and add effects. The timer and security functions also work well and overall, the app is very easy to use and is an asset to the product range.

MiPOW have produced something great here, with high quality products and quality components used, with a app that compliments the products so well. Philips move over, it’s MiPOW’s turn!

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