BrAun Seris 9 Electric Shaver Review

It’s always a struggle finding a razor to suit your needs, especially in the electric shaver product range. Braun have just released their new Series 9 range of electric shavers which look good as well as perform excellently.

The Braun razor is extremely comfortable to use. I didn’t once feel like the shaver was pulling on hairs like I have found with some cheaper models on the market. It glided around my face smoothly, only having to go over the more dense areas again to get a smooth finish.

The razor is also very simple. There is an on off button which illuminates once it’s in use. There is also a switch that locks the shaving head into place to the angle that suits you. You can unlock the head so it can freely move around the natural curves of your face.

My favourite element of the BrAun shaver is the fine detail trimmer that releases from the back of the handle. You can cut fine detail into your facial hair easily with it.

To charge it you use a standard two pin bathroom power socket. The razor hit full charge within an hour or so and I was ready to go. It simply plug into the bottom of the device. Cleaning is also an easy task. There are two clips holding the blades in place. Just hold them in and the blades pop off to reveal the internal section where your cut hair collects. Just give it a blow and a rinse under the tap and it’s clean to use again.

Overall the BrAun Series 9 Electric Shaver was a dream to use. However, it does come at a cost of around £199.99 or £230.00 if you’re after the charger stand too. It’s a worthy investment for anyone who doesn’t like to sport a beard.

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