Contactless debit cards are all the rage now, especially in London. With a spend limit of up to £30, it’s so simple to swipe your card to pay for a coffee, lunch or anything else for that matter. Nearly every bank now offers the facility and most popular shops allow it now too. But Barclays have taken it one step further.

Barclaycard’s new range of bPay contactless wearable devices takes contactless technology and transforms it into a new way for people to pay and move through their everyday lives. They now offer a wristband, a fob and a sticker, all great for those commuters or fitness fans that want to leave their cards or cash at home. Not to mention it’s great for kids as it allows them to be in control of their money on days out, with or without their parents.


bPay is simple and easy to use – you can link your device to most major UK debit or credit cards (there’s no need to be a Barclaycard customer), manage it using the mobile bPay app (for iOS and Android) or online and use it to pay for anything £30 and under wherever you see the contactless symbol. They are releasing new colours before Christmas, so you can add your own personal touch.

bPay wristband, £24.99

Available from and selected Cycle Surgery and Runners Need stores

bPay fob, £19.99

Available from and selected Cycle Surgery and Runners Need stores

bPay sticker, £14.99

Available from



This is a great concept by Barclaycard and to offer to people who dont bank with them, it’s great. This is the future!