A couple months back, we tried the Marley Redemption ANC, a pair of active noise cancelling earphones. Well now, we have Marley’s latest pair of active noise cancelling headphones, the Exodus ANC. From the outside, these look like a big, hearty pair of cans, so let’s check them out.


-Active Noise Cancelling
– Bluetooth® 5.0
– Battery Life: 28hr ANC Mode / 80hr Standard Mode
– 50mm Hi Definition Drivers
– USB-C Quick Charge – 3hr Charge = 28hr ANC Playtime
– Premium Comfort Memory Foam Ear Cushions
– Onboard Mic & Remote Functionality
– Warranty – 2 Years

For those of you unaware, House of Marley, or just Marley, are a very eco-friendly company, trying to recycle materials for products and generally helping the environment. I’m all for this and applaud them for doing so. In fact, by purchasing one of their products, you’re contributing to help them plant a tree. So good on you, and them. That being said, they need to be good headphones, worth purchasing right?


The headphones come in a cardboard box, with a very small amount of plastic, so make sure you put the box in the recycling. In the box, you get the headphones, a zipped canvas fabric bag, a USB C cable, and aux cable. Unzip the bag and there are instructions, warranty details, and a sticker. I’m disappointed by the bag, it’s quite a snug fit (earcups do fold in) and not that easy to get the headphones in and out, nor do I think it will do a very good job at protecting them. I can see why they went for a fabric bag, over a plastic case (environment) but with a retail price of £199, I need to know the headphones will be protected in my bag knocks and drops.

The headphones themselves are very different from anything I’ve tried recently. Very large, over the ear cups, with memory foam padding. They have a fixed metal headband, cushioned at the top and the adjustment comes at the cups themselves via a metal pole you slide up and down. The overall colour scheme is black, with textured black wood to the face of each cup, matte black plastic, and satin finish metal. I’m very much a fan of the overall subtle but quirky look of them.

To the left earcup is the power on button and ANC button, plus the 3.5mm aux port. To the right are the control buttons, play/pause, volume up, down or change track, plus a monitor mode button. The USB port is also on the right.


Well, well, well, Marley has delivered. These pack a real punch, the bass thumps but the mids and highs are prominent and for me, it was a well-balanced sound profile for listening to my classic pop-punk playlist. I swapped to something a little more on the bass side, some Kayne and Drake, thinking the bass may be too much. That wasn’t the case, it just elevated the music and I’m here bopping away while writing this up.

The ANC is fantastic. It’s that very obvious ANC, the one where when you turn it on, you can instantly hear the difference, without music playing and hear that slight hum. Sitting by my desk, it drowned out the sound of my PC. Walking through the village, it reduced the volume of the bus passing by. I think the audio quality is better with the ANC on too but I’m sure that’s just because I’m blocked out from the outside world. Switching between on & off, I personally would have ANC on 24/7. That leads me onto battery life. I’ve been monitoring battery life via my iPhone and over several hours, it reduces but not by much, so I’m confident in Marley’s statement of them being able to deliver upto 22hrs with ANC. They’re also saying upto 80hours without ANC on, which is hugely impressive.

If anything, the headband padding could be better but otherwise, they were comfortable during the several hours I used them (on & off). These are not aimed at the athletes out there, I would not recommend them for us while working out. The buttons are well placed and they are easy to use. There is that monitor button, which once pressed, dramatically reducing the volume of your content so you can hear the outside world. There is a mic, so you can take calls with these which worked fine, nothing special. You can also use that mic to access your assistant via your smartphone. There is a quick charge feature, it should take just 3 hours (is that quick?) to fully charge them, which I’ll say does work but I left them on charge and forgot about them, so they had a lot more than 3 hours for me.


A comfy, top quality pair of headphones, offering very good sound and active noise cancellation. I’ll get over the fabric bag. For more info and to purchase, head over to the offocial House Of Marley website.