It has been some time since I’ve tried anything from House Of Marley but It’s one of the few brands I admire and applaud. Why? Because they are environmentally conscious, ensuring they use sustainable and recyclable materials in their products and packaging. Right now and more than ever, we need to reduce and reuse.

Enough of that, I’m not here to lecture you, I’m here to tell you about one of their latest products, the Redemption ANC earphones. These retail at £179, which puts them in AirPod Pro territory, with both earphones offering ANC and the AirPods are a hefty £70 more expensive. I have the box here, let’s open it up and see what they’re like.

In the box, you get the earphones, a charging case, a braided USB C charging cable, a sticker, some instructions and details on the work the company are doing for the environment. It’s a simple cardboard box, with a foam insert so the contents are well protected. The case is small, handheld and quite lightweight. The casing is plastic, with a real bamboo wood insert to the top. There is a single USB C port at the rear for charging, a button below that for Bluetooth pairing and then four white indicator lights to the front, which identify battery level. Open the case up and you’ll find a moulded base, whereby the earphones sit (magnetically sat in place) and charged via various metal prongs. The inside of the case is plastic again, a speckled black matt finish and the contracts between inside and out, is nice. My only issue with the case is that the magnetic lid is quite loose and flimsy.

As for the earphones, they follow suit in regard to design and colours, with that bold bamboo wood on the outer face. These are earphones, so there is a rubber bud that sits inside your ear and a large casing on the outside for added support. There were no additional rubber buds in the box, which is odd. The earphones are very lightweight, sit nicely within my ear and are not too obtrusive.


Let’s talk specs.

– ANC or Active Noise Cancelling
– Bluetooth 5.0 with +BLE
– Sweat proof and weather resistant (IPX4
– 5 hour playback with ANC on / 7 withou
– Total 20 hours playback with ANC with repeat charging
– Touch control
– USB-C quick charge (15min charge = 2hr playtime)
– 2 year warranty

“House of Marley Redemption ANC True Wireless earbuds are crafted from bamboo, natural wood fibre composite and Regrind Silicone. Embrace your natural style with Marley’s message of craftsmanship and sustainability and opt for an eco-conscious alternative to the sea of plastic in the market.”

Set up was straight forward, I lifted the lid, hit the button on the rear for a few seconds and they would appear on my smartphone. Pair them, job done. These are touch-sensitive earphones and can be controlled via a number of gestures. Now, there are a fair few gestures, so you need to read the instructions but as an example, tap twice on the right ear for play/pause, three times for next tracks, three times on the left ear to turn ANC one. You get the idea. ANC can only be turned on and off via the left earbud and you need to tap it four times to active. After the first four taps, ANC will be turned on and if you tap another four times, ANC & ambient will be turned on. Don’t worry, there are voice prompts so you know which setting your moving to but what is odd, is the instructions say three taps, not four. When you move an earphone in and out your ear, the music will play or pause. Likewise with removing them from the case, if the Bluetooth is on, on your smart device, it will automatically connect.  

First impressions count and I began to think “these are a quality pair of earphones” after the first 10 seconds of using them and I have to say, I was impressed, dare I say blown away…


There’s only been a few occasions where a pair of headphones or earphones put a smile on my face and you get that smug feeling like, “yeh I’ve bought the right ones”. Rich, vibrant and an overall well-balanced sound profile that’s ever so pleasing to the ears. If I had to be picky, some tracks could have done with a little more bass and unfortunately, there are no eq options. I listened to a variety of tracks, chart hits to old school favourites and enjoyed them all.

There are two ANC options, on and on with ambient. The difference between off, on and ambient are not overly obvious at first unless you are in a noisy location, such as on a train or similar. Sometimes when you turn ANC on with headphones, you get that slight hum, that’s not the case here. Perhaps it’s just me but as earphones give a decent level of passive noise cancellation anyway, any active cancellation just doesn’t blow me away as headphones do. That being said, I did notice a slight difference, so they defiantly do work.

As for comfort, they are comfortable but I’ve had better. For me personally, I prefer an earphone to have a rubber hook for added support. As this doesn’t have that, I did find myself having to fiddle with an earbud or reinsert it to get comfy. I could not use these for exercising, not enough support for me I’m afraid.

The controls work fine, although as mentioned before, the number of taps required for ANC was different from the instructions. Reconnecting to my smartphone was automatic and worked flawlessly, as did removing an earphone to pause music.

The Redemption ANC are a decent pair of earphones that sound fantastic, with a battery life to keep you happy and they look pretty good too. I do feel the bamboo is a bit like marmite though, you either love it or hate it. Yes, they could have been more supportive (for me anyway) but that depends on the size and shape of your ear.

For more info, head over to the official House Of Marley website.