It’s been some time since I’ve tried a pair of headphones from Lindy but I remember being impressed. In fact, I have been using the NC-60 headphones on and off since I first reviewed them. They’ve now got something new, the BNX-100, which are a pair of wireless, noise-cancelling headphones and they’re on my desk, ready to be tested.

The BNX-100 features Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX technology, audio pass-through or ambient setting so you can hear certain things while noise cancellation is active, auto play/pause when the headphones are taken off your head, a built-in battery with upto 15 hours playback, integrated microphone for taking calls and on-ear controls so your smart device can remain in your pocket or somewhere nearby.

Inside the box you get the headphones, within a hard carry case, along with a 3.5mm jack lead, 6.3mm jack adapter, 2pin flight adapter (why?!) and a micro USB cable.


We have a black and silver colour combo going on, with black plastic cups and headband, where the headband is connected to the cups and adjustable via two silver metal rods. The inner part of the headband is rubber, with the ear cups having a faux leather finish. There is also a faux leather finish to the sides of the cups, the parts you see, which is textured and nice to touch. On the inside of the ear cups is a bold red fabric, with black lettering for left and right. The headband is fully adjustable, there is enough flex and the ear cups also rotate 90degrees inwards for easier transportation. The hard case is nice, it will protect your headphones perfectly and the added accessories are a nice touch.

On the left earcup is an on button, or so I thought, but this is in fact the ANC on and off, not to actually turn the headphones on. Also on that side is the ambient on/off button, battery/ANC indicator and USB port. Now on the right hand ear cup are three buttons, the middle for power on/off and pairing, top and bottom buttons for track selection and volume control. Also on the right ear cup is the 3.5mm jack and microphone.


At first, I just turned the ANC on as that appeared to be the obvious power on button, but it wasn’t. Once I read the Instructions, I realised the power button was in fact on the other ear. Hold down for 5 seconds and the headphones will turn on and go into pairing mode. You can then pair these with your smart device via Bluetooth. I’m glad to say there are some voice prompts for powering on and pairing but not between turning ANC on and switching to ambient mode.

The sound quality on normal settings is fine, albeit a little muddied or bass-heavy in most tracks. However, turn the ANC on and the headphones come to life. For whatever reason, there is increased clarity and overall a more balanced sound profile, suited to a wider variety of tracks. I listened to many tracks, over several hours and the performance for the price, was very good.


Now the BNX-100 does include active noise cancellation and I recommend it’s turned on all the time, for the reasons stated above BUT yes they do in fact work at reducing external sounds and they do it well. There is also an audio pass-through or ambient option too. Press the ambient button and usually, there is a subtle change in what you hear so you can hear the outside world but with the BNX-100’s it’s more of a dramatic decrease in audio volume than letting specific sounds or frequencies through and it’s a bit too much. I see the use of it when out and about, talking to people but I imagine I’d just pull the headphones down rather than press the button as it practically reduces the volume by 50% or more.

Battery life is stated at 15 hours and I’d agree with that, I only charged them twice, once from opening and once again when battery depleted. Also removing the headphones does pause your audio, put them back on for it to continue and this feature works really well. I also tested the microphone with a phone call and had no complaints from the caller.

Mostly positive thoughts on the Lindy BNX-100’s. They look good, they’re comfortable, they sound good (with ANC on) and the carry case & accessories are a nice bonus. The ambient setting is a little pointless to me and the quality without ANC on is disappointing. They currently have a retail price of £120.

For more info, head over to the official Lindy website.