Libratone Zipp Copenhagen Speaker Review

Following on from their success of the original Libratone Zipp, the upright Copenhagen edition takes influence from its older sibling. Yes it still creates a 360-degree sound scope, yes it’ll still connect to every single wirelss device possible, and yes, there are still interchangeable sleeves available for it. However this time round there is a slight difference in the style and tech behind it.

To start with, the Libratone Zipp comes in two styles: the original, which features a mesh like material surrounding it and the Copenhagen edition, which includes one of those furry sleeves. The former we’ve been told is that mesh was used to create a purer sound from the speaker. There is no fabric to get in the way or null the sound. It makes me wonder why you would want to buy the Copenhagen edition over the standard if Libratone themselves are suggesting their lesser product is in fact better?

libratone zipp speaker 1

Well, we were sent the Zipp Copenhagen and to be honest with you, sleeve on or off, this speaker is still astonishingly superb. Following in the footsteps of the original, the design layout is near enough the same, with the buttons being replaced with a touch sensitive pad on top. Here you can skip track and also control the volume by circling your finger around the pad. A pretty neat touch to a already beautiful design.

Inside the device is a 360-degree reflector, enabling sound to be heard from wherever the speaker is placed in the room. We’ve had this on our coffee table and the feedback received from people sitting around it has been brilliant. Sound is clear, the bass is subtle but noticeable and the highs are crisp thanks to its incredibly wide frequency range. There is a digital class D amplifier that is responsible for pushing out the clear sound. This feeds into a 100 watt downfiring subwoofer to control the lower frequencies as well as two 25 watt passive tweeters for the higher frequencies of a music track.

libratone zipp speaker 2

A surprising element to the speaker is that is wasn’t very loud. Sure if you’re sitting in your bedroom it would definitely cause some discomfort at higher volume levels, but one of these wouldn’t be enough to fill a house party kind of scenario. This was a little disappointing considering how good a quality the speaker is. There is the ability to hook more than one together though but more on that later.

This speaker is branded as portable, which seems strange as it is pretty heavy coming in at 15 kilograms. There is a Zipp Mini available on the market if you are the type to carry around a speaker with you. There is however a 10 hour battery life embedded within the big Zipp if you did want to take it with you somewhere without power. There is an included power adapter with a UK and European adapter for it.

libratone zipp speaker 5

With the Libratone Zipp being wireless and all, this means that it can hook up to things like your wireless home network or even your mobile phone. The speaker, if connected to your phone can be controlled with an app. Inside this app is a whole host of features such as a link to your Spotify or Apple Music account, the ability to play music from your own digital library, and our favourite feature; connecting several Zipps together. That’s right. You can have a Zipp in each room and control them all from your mobile phone. Neat, right? This would become advantageous is that house party situation we spoke about earlier. There is still a 3.5mm auxilary input for hard wiring devices into the speaker as well as a USB input for music on hard drives or memory sticks.

Again, Libratone has come out on top with their new Zipp Copenhagen edition. Sure, the furry cover is a little strange, but different colours being available makes it a little customisable. We were extremely impressed with the sound, however not with the volume level it can hit. But all in all, this is definitely one of the better speakers on the market in this price range. You can find more information on the Libratone website.