Libratone Zipp Wireless Airplay Speaker Review

The Libratone Zipp is a very tempting speaker to say the least and not just for the different woolly covers it comes with. It’s actually a superb sounding device with a number of streaming features available.

First off the Zipp is huge, much bigger than we anticipated, but that’s not a bad thing. It’ll suit most placements as the interchangeable covers can make it blend into the environment easily. There is even a bright yellow and purple one to choose from for wilder users.

A striking feature of the new Zipp wireless speaker is the fact it’s round. It delivers a full 360-degree effect meaning where ever you are sitting or standing in a room, you will get the same amount of sound and quality as the person opposite you. The best placement for the speaker is the centre of a room. We found that if it was tucked away in the corner there was a drop in sound quality.

We put several genres of music from jazz to drum ‘n’ bass to rock through the speaker and got some very good results. Bass levels were very good. Just enough to not to overpower the treble or distort the sound at high volumes. The treble frequencies were sharp and crisp. The faintest of cymbals were able to be heard clearly through the rest of the music we tried. Each track we tried were 320kbps, one of the highest quality bit-rates. I couldn’t say how the speaker sounds on lower quality tracks as we only use CD quality music when testing our products.

There are several ways to connect the Libratone Zipp Wireless Airplay Speaker to a music source. Our favourite is connecting up and MP3 player or iPod using a 3.5mm auxillary cable. It gave us a pure signal when using the speaker. There is also a Bluetooth setting for mobile phones which was easy to connect to. If there are several people listening to the speaker, it’s easy to connect everyone’s phone to play through. Last is WiFi. The Zipp doesn’t require an existing WiFi network as it kicks out its own. It worked very well when using my laptop to connect to the device as my router didn’t have to see the speaker before it connected. It also gave a very clean connection too as the signal was going to the speaker directly from my laptop.

The Libratone combines a good style, fantastic build quality and surprisingly powerful sound. It would be a dream addition to anyone’s music set up. There is also a built-in lithium battery as well so it can technically be used as a portable speaker. For more information you can visit the Libratone website.