Ted Baker Launch New iPhone and iPad Cases

Everyone has wanted to be individual with their mobile phones since the age of the Nokia 3310. I had a green case. Decent.

But in this day and age with everyone sporting the same coloured iPhones in their pockets, there is still a need for that crucial customisation to suit your personality,


Ted Baker today announced their new range of iPhone and iPad custom cases. The launch is to coincide with their new AW16 clothing line.

The snazzy new phone cases keep in line with Ted Baker’s usual floral pattern and I must say, they look pretty decent. You will definitely need to get your hands on one of these if you are any kind of fashion connoisseur.

ted baker aw16 case 2 (2)

The cases are taking on a classic hard-shell style which has been refreshed for this season. A new introduction is their new range of classic flip-back covers. Inside you can find a concealed personal mirror.

Both styles of phone case will come in five different designs. They all range from eye-catching shades of ox-blood or the distinguished Porcelain Rose.

ted baker aw16 case 3 (2)

More more information on Ted Baker’s new clothing line as well as their case you can visit them on their official website. To pick up a brand new Ted Baker case to customise your iPhone or iPad, head over to the website Proporta.

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