We’ve all been there, we may have dropped our phone in the sink or if we’re really unlucky, it may have even been stolen. You may plug your phone into your PC and back up your phone on a regular basis, but if you’re like me, chances are you never really do. It’s sad and disappointing that we have to start from scratch with our new phones. Well, MEEM have created a simple solution to this and it comes in the form of a USB cable.

MEEM is a mobile phone charger and back-up device, all in one cable. So every time you charge your phone you back up your phone to MEEM. Your memories are your business, safeguarding them is ours. We will never ask for your personal details or rights to your data for any reason. Your private information is always under your physical control. No hacker abuse. No corporate exploitation. No government intrusion.

You may think it is simply a USB cable, with a built in USB memory stick and in some ways, you’re correct. But coupled with the official MEEM app, it will change the way you back up your phone forever. The cable is currently available for both iOS and Android phones, with the Android version coming in 16GB and iOS hitting the 32GB mark. It backs up your contacts, calendar entries, photos and videos. It will not back up any music files or apps which I don’t think is a problem as music and apps are linked to your iTunes or App Store account.


The cable itself looks quite smart, has a modern and vibrant feel to it, with its bright green colour and its shiny and matte finish. It feels robust and well built. The connector end, where the memory is, is flexible so your phone can be moved and used while on charge.

Setting the cable up couldn’t be easier. Simply insert the cable to your phone and into a power socket. It will then ask you to download the official app which is free. Once complete, set up a passcode and you’re ready to go. The app itself is very slick and easy to use, once you know how. I didn’t read the instructions which are included and did struggle to select the command at first. Commands are activated by swiping up and down, left and right and holding your finger down. Holding your finger down on the background at the main screen brings up a list of 16 ‘tips’ that basically tell you how to do everything. On the main screen, it is split in half, the left being your phone and the right being the backup, just like a mirror. You can select which items you want to back up or not. Backing up is very quick and easy. On average, it takes six minutes to back up 1GB of data. It can automatically back up your phone whenever you plug it in. Oh and of course, restoring your backed up info is only a swipe away!


Overall, I think the MEEM cable is brilliant and it performs such a simple task, but such an important one. The only negative to some, would be the size of storage available. For me, 32GB was more than enough! Prices start at £39.99. For further info and to purchase, visit the official MEEM website.