KuaiFit Multi Sport Smart Headphones Review
The Good
  • Personal trainer
  • Good sound quality, clear vocal instructions
The Bad
  • Lack of plans at the moment
  • Not the most comfortable headphones ive worn before
4.0Overall Score

Kuai reached 189% of their Go Fund Me campaign back in March 2016 for the ‘Worlds Smartest Multi Sport Headphones’ and with that kind of backing, they must have been onto a winner? Summer 2017 and the headphones get a general release and we got sent a pair of these headphones to try out! In a nutshell, these headphones will talk to you, coach you during your exercise, giving you information so you can push yourself and perform at your peak. I’m excited to try these out, so let’s get into the box.

Inside the box are the headphones, a micro USB cable, various ear buds and an instruction manual. They are matte black in finish, with rubbery, bendy ear buds. The idea is that you insert the ear bud into your ear and then bend the rest of the earphone round the back of your ear to suit. The left side is dedicated to music, the right side dedicated to sport. On both sides, there is a mini joystick button, which is used to navigate and select the various options/tracks. Under the cover of one of the earbuds, is the USB port, which I struggled to find, as this isn’t shown in the instructions. This port is used for charging and transferring data.

Tech Spec:

  • Heart Rate Sensor – Accurate and Real-Time, Clinically-Validated Heart Rate Monitor.
  • Activity Tracker – Speed/Pace, Distance, Laps, Calories, Cadence & Duration.
  • Sports include running, cycling, gym workouts and triathlons.
  • 8GB Memory – Store your workouts, plans, and over 2000 songs. No phone required!
  • 7h Battery -At least seven hours from a full charge. Go the Distance!
  • Voice Coaching – Adapted to your body using patented technology and accurate sensors.
  • Sweatproof – Ideal for exercising indoors and outdoors. Rain, sweat … no problem.
  • Bluetooth, BLE & ANT+ – Connect to smartphones, smart watches, speed & cadence sensors, and more.kuaifit_headphones

So how does it work? Kuai show three simple steps, download songs and workouts to the headphones, calibrate the headphones to suit the situation, and then work your butt off! Let’s break that down. So for these to work, you first need to download and install a number of work out programs. Kuai have an online store, where you can purchase said plans…yes, purchase. There are only five plans available to purchase right now, plus one free trial plan. They cost $1.99 and cover the basic cycling and running workouts, with several other ‘coming soon’ workouts that will be available at some point. I downloaded a plan and then the next thing to do is to load it onto the headphones, along with some of my fave music.

Set up takes a little time, as to fully take advantage of all the features, you need to calibrate the headphones to your heart rate, stride and pool size (swim version only). It’s easy to do and the instructions take you through each step. The instructions show you how to do pretty much everything and I highly recommend you read them before turning them on! As previously mentioned, you need to purchase training plans, download them and install them onto the headphones, along with any music you want. I could go on for ages about how to set up and use the headphones, but its not rocket science and as long as you read the instructions, you shouldn’t have a problem.

kuaifit_plansAs for comfort, this was 50/50 for me. In some cases the headphones felt secure and comfy, but then in other instances they would fall out. Was it me, was it my ears, perhaps but when running, some of the time they did fall out and I had to re-adjust to suit. On the other hand, the sound quality was very good, plenty of thud with the music and the vocal instructions were very clear.

As for the function of the headphones, I think it’s brilliant. It’s easy to select which training plan you want to use, you can listen to your music, while being informed about the next exercise that needs to be undertaken. It gives vocal statistics, such as heart rate, time and calories burnt, so you can really understand what gets your blood pumping. All these stats are stored on the internal memory and can also be view and analysed via the KuaiFit app. There are a limited amount of plans available at the moment but as these increase, there will be a versatile range of plans, suitable for any and every person. You can also purchase the cycling sensor if you want cycling stats and also a waterproof swimming version for those keen swimmers.

The headphones cost $129, headphones with the cycling attachment $159, but you can purchase this at a later stage, along with additional earbuds. I could talk about these a lot more, when you dig deeper into what these can do, you realise they can do a lot and could well be the future of personal training! Overall, I think these are great and could help anyone wanting that extra helping hand when working out, wanting to lose weight or achieve certain sporting goals.

For more info and to purchase, visit the official KuaiFit website.

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