House Prices In Stranger Things

How many of you have like me, binged through the second season of Stranger Things already? I bet a lot of you right? Well if you are a Stranger Things fanatic, or just a Halloween scary movie buff, then I’ve got some juicy content for you. Which? Mortgage Advisers have put together some potential house prices of the homes features in various scary and spooky themed movies and television series.David Blake, Principal Mortgage Adviser at Which? said; “Whether you’re moving home or looking to take your first step on to the property ladder, it is important not to get spooked by property transactions. It is vital to know how much you should be paying and what else you need to budget for. Seeking independent advice from a reputable mortgage adviser can also help you to get the best possible mortgage deal.”


Stranger Things

So to kick start our Halloween content, we want you to turn your head towards Hawkins, Roane County, Indiana. A house based in the Stranger Things hometown will probably set you back around £76,000 making this an ideal price for first time buyers. What more, a 10% deposit would only set you back around £7,600 too. So if you’re wanting to get mixed up with the creepiness coming from the Upside Down, this could be an ideal home for you.


The Walking Dead

Fight along side Hershel’s family in this luxury £440,000 farmhouse. Yes, you will have to make do with constant bombardment from zombies, but a few boards on the windows should deal with that. Although the constant droney moans will keep you up at night. A 10% deposit would cost you roughly £44,800. It comes with outhouses and barns, and depending on the lender, would need to know if the house would be run as a working farm. But in this case, I don’t think zombie hoards could count as livestock somehow.



If it wasn’t for that damn clown running around terrorising kids, this house may be quite the tempting offer. Standing at only £288,000 this house offers 5000 sq. ft. What’s more it’s got spiral staircasing and is based in a very quiet location. No wonder the clown could get away with murder… literally. Because of the age of this property, and the state that it’s in, a buyer would need some kind of specialist refurbishment finance. A deposit for this creepy mansion will only cost around £28,800.


The Woman in Black

The most expensive house on this list is the house featured in The Woman in Black. This gothic styled mansion can fetch up to a whopping £1,440,000. That’s a lot of cash for a house that’s haunted. And no, sorry ladies, Daniel Radcliffe if that’s your thing, doesn’t come with the house. You may meet a ghostly woman figure though. Go haunted houses am I right? Because of the complicated history though, this house could be difficult to purchase and would need some special legal documents to finalise the buying procedures. You would also need £144,000 for your 10% deposit too so get saving.



A truly classic movie, the home from Beetlejuice which is situated in Winter River, Connecticut could be sold for £589,000. Although you may want to refrain from saying his name three times, it can be a bit of a pain if Beetlejuice turns up. There is a slight issue though. The previous owners are still very much involved in the property. So bare that in mind if you’re looking to purchase this luxury house. Because of a recent renovation, it’s also considered quite lucrative on the market, so be quick. A deposit will set you back around £58,900.


Although yes, the information on this feature is pretty much fiction, a few of these houses do in fact exist in real life. This was written to entertain rather than inform. If you are however in the market for a new home, then make sure to check out Which? Mortgage Advisers for more information.