Razer is usually known for their prestigious PC gaming peripherals, but they have got their hands in some pretty interesting projects too. One of them, and one that was unveiled tonight in London is the new Razer Phone.

The phone, which was spoken about at a dedicated keynote session at the Science Museum in London is boasting a 120Hz Ultramotion Display. There’s no doubt that Razer has gamers in mind with the creation of this new handset.

It promises to provide mobile gamers with ultra smooth, no lag stutter free screens. Although I’m not sure why this is important as some of the most popular games on mobile like Clash of Clans, Candy Crush and Angry Birds don’t really need this kind of power.

It does however seem to be an ideal handset so far for content creators and even people who enjoy consuming media through their mobile phone. The screen is actually using IGZO technology which have been used on the Razer Blade laptops before, and we all know how good the screens are on those right. It’s also capable of 2K 1440 x 2560 resolutions and has a wide colour gamut.

If you’re going to be consuming media, then you’ll be pleased to know that they are powered by Dolby Atmos. The handset has also been THX certified. The two front facing speakers will hopefully give you a much better sound quality compared to handsets that stick them on the bottom.

The phone has been built through a partnership with Qualcomm and is sporting an 835 Snapdragon processor. This has been paired with a whopping 8GB RAM. They seemed to bash Samsung’s S8 a little here by showing off their new benchmarking performance stats. You can see them below.

Inside is a 4,000mAh battery so there is enough power in there to run 12.5 hours worth of movies, 63.5 hours of music and seven hours of Hearthstone on one charge. That is pretty insane, but I would like to see this in action as well. There is also Qualcomm Quickcharge 4+ technology. This means in a single hour this phone can charge from 0 – 85% battery life.

The most important feature to most phone users would be the camera. Everyone loves to snap a selfie or a family moment. It has two cameras, one wide, one telephoto. There is a seamless zoom too, so no more dedicated button on the screen to switch between the two cameras. It helps for a lot quicker point and shoot moments. It’ll come with all the usuals too like slo-mo, portrait modes and a timelapse.

Rather than typing this next bit, I’ve put a list of all of the other nitty gritty specs of the phone I know you enthusiasts love. Check them out below. Oh, and it’s also being shipped at $699 to the US and Europe. No news on UK pricing yet, but if  they’re anything like Apple, it’s safe to say they’re going to rip us Brits off.

So what do you think? Has Razer got enough to take on the big boys? Will it blow the iPhone out of the water? Only time will tell with this one, as it’s not been easy for manufacturers to make a significant enough dent in the mobile phone industry. We will of course try and keep you as up to date as possible with current updates.

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