Juicebar are new to the audio crowd, or at least I think they are. I’ve seen them releasing mobile power accessories but have never really explored their audio offerings. We were sent one of their new Juicebar, fronted by two separate left and right speakers. There is also the Juicebox on offer which houses one driver.

The Juicebar is available in many different colours such as white, black, red, green, yellow, blue, pink and purple. They are made from a shiny plastic material with a metal speaker mesh covering the front. They look pretty stylish, and the colour range to choose from is huge compared to other brands with the same sort of offerings.

juicebar speaker 1

You will find all the controls, not that there are more than one, on the rear of the speaker in the form of a power slider. You can set the speaker to Bluetooth or 3.5mm aux input which is also located on the rear of the speaker.

What is a little disappointing is the sound on offer. You can’t really get much power from it without the music distorting. We tried several genres of music through the speaker, but unfortunately fell rather flat with each one, especially the more bass heavy genres such as Dubstep.

juicebar speaker 2

The Juicebar speaker is a nice little package that will definitely give you a better sound than the speaker built into your mobile phone, but I wouldn’t count on it being popular at a party. This is definitely a way of giving your bedroom listening a quality boost over your mobile phone. They offer a decent build quality and colour customisation too, I was just a little let down by the tinny sound.

It retails at £39.99 at time of writing this review on the Juicebar website. I feel it’s a little steep comparing it to other fuller sounding speakers on the market such as the Jam Double Down or House Of Marley Chant.