Jam Double Down Bluetooth Speaker Review


One of Jam’s higher end Bluetooth speakers, the Double Down HX-P370 just hit our desk and by the look of the box, it looks like a very fun and portable speaker. We’ve all enjoyed Jam Audio’s gear in the past and we’re hoping this doesn’t disappoint! Time to crack open the box and get our Jam on… sorry!

So the Double Down is a portable Bluetooth speaker aimed for any environment and situation. It’s got all the normal features, plus a couple of extras. Features include:

  • Pair two Double Downs to create a stereo sound
  • Upto 6hrs of playback
  • Bluetooth upto 10 metres away
  • Splash proof & rugged construction for durability
  • Speakerphone
  • Voice prompts
  • Aux In port
  • 2 Year warranty

Things that stand our for me? Being able to pair two speakers together to give a stereo sound. This would be really cool in a party environment. Imagine having two speakers on the go, on the beach, covering all areas, for six hours! Also, its rugged construction looks good as Bluetooth speakers generally get moved around a lot. They tend to get damaged ever so slightly. The speaker is splash proof, a little water wont’ harm it though do not try to submerge it in the pool.


The speaker comes in a clear acrylic box, which seems to be the norm at the moment for Jam Audio but I like it. It gives customers a clear idea of what they’re buying as they can see colour, size and general appearance. You know it will arrive safe if you’ve ordered one online and it’s being delivered to you. Included in the box is the speaker, a USB charging cable, a language selector pin and instructions.

The speaker comes in three colours: black, red and blue and I really like the look of it. It’s got a rubbery casing, with rubber feet and a hard plastic grill to the top and bottom. It’s a good weight, not too heavy and it fits in your hand very nicely. It feels very well-built and I’m sure if thrown  around a little, it would hardly get damaged. On the front of the speaker are four large buttons, play/pause, power on and plus/minus. Using these four buttons allow you to do everything you need with the speaker. At the back of the speaker, there is a flap and under that flap is the USB port for charging and an auxiliary socket, just incase you don’t have a Bluetooth enabled device handy.


Using the speaker is very easy. Turn it on and you’re prompted with the option to pair your Bluetooth device to it. I was surprised to hear a lovely lady’s voice when the speaker powered up.,Yes, voice confirmation is used on this speaker which is pretty cool. Holding the plus/minus buttons in changed the track your listening to, and tapping the button quickly changed the volume. I tried out the speakerphone option and that worked very well. Far superior than my phone’s speaker.

Listening to the speaker was very enjoyable. The bass comes from the bottom via downfiring subwoofer and the rest comes out the top. The mix is generally good during low to mid volumes. The speaker can go very loud but when it does, there isn’t enough bass to keep up with the louder, higher tones. For the size of the speaker, it’s not built to go that loud. The speaker will easily fill your average sized bedroom or living room without compromising on quality. Unfortunately we only got one speaker but I imagine if I paired two together, it would be something quite wonderful.


Overall, this is a decent little speaker that is very portable, very durable and has decent sound quality. Perfect for when you’re out and about or in your bedroom. The speaker currently retails are £59.99 but ive seen it for under the £50 mark. For further info and to purchase, visit the official Jam Audio website.

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