House Of Marley Smile Jamaica Earphones Review

If you’ve been to our site before, you will probably have seen some headphones and Bluetooth speakers from House Of Marley. We’ve been impressed in the past and today we got a pair of ‘Smile Jamaica’ earphones to check out. These are not new, they have been around for a while but still seem to be a heavily featured product in the HoM line up.

One of the reasons I love HoM is they always use recycled or sustainable materials which is great to see from any company. These earphones are no exception! They’ve used FSC certified wood, recycled aluminium and recycled packaging. This is great to see and I only wish more companies would follow suit.

The earphones retail at £19.99 but I’ve seen them for less than that online so I’m not expecting big things for these earphones but I do hope they’re good value for money. Other than the environmentally friendly features, there are a few more, such as the built-in microphone for making and receiving calls, tangle free fabric cord, one button remote and a 9mm driver.

house of marley smile jamaica earphones1

As mentioned before, they come in recycled packaging, which is a natural/raw looking cardboard, with a very small plastic window so you can see which colour earphones you’re buying. The packaging is nice. It symbolises what the company is all about. As you may have guessed, all of the House Of Marley products have a funky, Jamaican-like vibe to them and these earphones are available in a variety of bold and vibrant finishes.

The earphones look and feel good. They feel robust and well-built. The fabric cord is a nice touch, as they have various stitching colours to make the earphones stand out even more. Not to mention they also help with the tangle issues we all have when we put our earphones in our pocket or bag. The cord has a single button, which is compatible with Apple devices and includes a built-in microphone for phone calls.

house of marley smile jamaica earphones 2

The shape/construction of the earphones themselves is very standard, so nothing new there. I used the earphones several times, while at my desk surfing the web and also while trying to put in a decent run on my treadmill. They were comfortable throughout and remained in my ears while on the treadmill. As for performance, it was good. The quality of sound is clear and precise, with a good mix of frequencies, including just the right amount of bass. There is a certain amount of sound isolation due to the fact you’re inserting the buds into your ear.

For the price, these are defiantly worth the money. They can’t compete with some of the bigger names in the industry but they also warrant much higher price tags, sometimes three, four or five times more. Suitable for day-to-day use or sporting activities, while listening to music or watch your favourite movie/tv series. For further info or to purchase, visit the official House Of Marley website.

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