Corsair Makes Living Room Gaming Easier

You know what it’s like – you want to do some decent gaming in the front room on the sofa and need a controller a little more sophisticated than a pad.

So how about a Lapdog from Corsair? This is a portable gaming control centre that is used with a PC.

It skips the need for a desk while you zoom around a keyboard with one hand and zapping a mouse with the other.


The Lapdog brings full-size gaming keyboard and mouse control to the living room, allowing users to mount their choice of CORSAIR K70 or K65 keyboard, which isn’t included, into its aluminium chassis, alongside a gaming mouse of choice.

Backed with a removable memory foam lap cushion for supreme comfort in long gaming sessions, Lapdog allows gamers to sit back on their sofa in front of a big screen TV and enjoy the best and most comfortable PC gaming experience to be had.

It first emerged last year at Computex and has since won some nice Best of Show awards.

It is built from anodized, brushed aluminium helping to keep weight down to under 6lbs which means users can endure multi-hour gaming sessions.The textured mouse pad is 11×11 inches which should be enough room to zap even the most determined opposition.


Cables and connectors are tucked away inside a hidden compartment, along with an integrated powered USB 3.0 hub with four USB 3.0 ports, allowing gamers to connect not just a keyboard and mouse, but also a USB headset, phone, flash drive or any other USB device, all right from their seat. It is connected via a 16ft USB 3.0 cable which offers the reliability of a wired connection for maximum performance and minimal latency.

A spokesman said: “Combining the precision of our industry leading keyboards and mice with supreme comfort and aluminium construction, Lapdog is living room PC gaming done right.”

It is available now at just under £110 and comes with a two-year warranty.


Written by Chris Murphy