People since the dawn of YouTube have been trying to recreate iconic scenes from movies, recreating the universe the movie is based for their own story lines. Every so often we see an absolute gem of a creation.

The video I am talking about was released on the 23rd May 2016 and was created by the lads over at CorridorDigital, a YouTube channel dedicated to visual FX and gaming videos. Anything nerdy if you get me. It’s titled Attack Of The Drones and we love it.

CorridorDigital put you in the pilot’s seat of an X-Wing or Tie Fighter. The X-Wing is actually shown to be flown by an R2 unit. For those of you new to Star Wars, an R2 unit is basically a version of R2-D2. Everything was filmed using small action cams attached to the edges of the aircraft.

And what’s better is the spaceships are actual drones piloted by a team of drone racing specialists. With the help from Corridor Digital, special effects to replicate the lasers and explosions were overlayed. It’s pure genius and actually filmed really well.

Watch for yourselves as the space craft dive bomb towards the ground past the leaves to narrowly avoiding several tree trunks. They wrap themselves around the struts of a bridge across a valley and dogfight until there is one victor. Of course I don’t want to give any spoilers away, the video is too good not to watch for yourselves.

You can find out more information on the CorridorDigital guys by going straight to their YouTube channel. They even have a Patreon set up for anyone who wants to support what they are doing.


The Making Of Attack Of The Drones