Otone BluWall Bluetooth Speaker Review

Coming at you from a British audio company, of course we were more than willing to represent. Otone, a manufacturer of wireless and Bluetooth speakers alike sent us one of their new BluWall Bluetooth connectivity speaker, and first impressions of the item is that wow, it looks pretty stylish.

otone bluwall speaker 3

The speaker is mostly covered with a rubber type light grey material with a speaker mesh to cover the front. The mesh comes in multiple colours including black, blue, red, yellow, grey and green. Each are as polished as the last, and would suit most decor situations if you are keeping it on display in the home. There is a white border surrounding the edge of the speaker to complete this aesthetically pleasing look.

otone bluwall speaker 5

The Otone BluWall speaker has Bluetooth connectivity so you can pair it with your mobile or tablet device for seamless audio streaming. The eight hour battery life ensures that it will stay charged for the good part of a day trip somewhere. It uses microUSB to charge the unit in which a cable is supplied. We found the battery did in fact last around the eight hour mark, depending on the volume we had the speaker at which was good to see. There is also a 3.5mm aux port on the rear for direct connectivity.

otone bluwall speaker 2

The speaker for its size actually sounds pretty good at a medium volume. However, if you’re looking to pump out some pure bass tracks then look elsewhere. We found the louder volumes just made the BluWall distort your music. The Otone BluWall unfortunately really falls down on bass frequency reproduction. The small 5w RMS drivers housed inside aren’t really built to handle baassier tracks. Acoustic and quieter pop tunes handled well though.

otone bluwall speaker 4

For a nicely packaged Bluetooth speaker to take to the beach with you or for background music listening in the kitchen, the Otone BluWall will suit you down to a tee. It is currently retailing at £59.99 and is available in all colours on the Otone website.

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