We recently reviewed the Juicebar Bluetooth speaker, which was a nice little audio device. But fortunately for us, we have its big brother, the Juice Sound Stand speaker. The Juice Sound Stand is a Bluetooth stereo speaker, offering up to six hours of audio playback, with independent controls and is finished in a sleek, slim casing. This is the biggest speaker they do and bigger than the Juicebar, so we’re hoping for a much bigger sound! Let’s check it out!

Love the packaging! The speaker comes in a clear, thick, acrylic case, with a paper insert on the back, detailing the speaker’s spec and informing you of everything you need to know. We got sent a blue version but are also available in white, red and black. As the packaging is clear, you can see the speaker but be assured, it’s very safe if you consider buying one and getting it delivered. Included in the packaging is a manual, a USB cable to charge, no plug unfortunately and an aux jack, in case you don’t have Bluetooth.


The speaker is quite light, which may be an issue on performance, but we’ll check that later. It’s about the size of a standard paperback book but half the depth. It will just about fit in your hand when it’s flat, but it’s much easier to hold or carry on its side. It has a very minimal design, with a large grill on the front and is made of plastic, with a matte finish. On the top of the speaker are three buttons: play/pause/stop and volume up/next and volume down/previous. On the side of the speaker is the aux input . On the bottom are two  spongy feet for support. At the rear of the speaker there is a flap that can be folded out at various degrees to form a stand and hold the speaker up. Under the flap is the power button and the microUSB port for charging. Overall, quite a nice looking speaker, very minimalist but practical and the stand works really well.

The speaker is very simple to set up, simply turn it on at the back and it will appear within your Bluetooth options automatically on your device. Pair the two together and away you go. The buttons on the speaker are touch sensitive, so hold your finger on the volume buttons and the music will go up or down. The speaker makes some rather loud notification tones when a task is undertaken… a little off-putting.


This is a budget speaker and with that in mind, it performs surprisingly well. It’s a light speaker, so as expected, the drivers are small which does mean it’s lacking bass at higher volumes but generally, the mix is good. The speaker can get very loud and the sound quality did remain good at the higher volumes.

Overall, quite impressed with this speaker. I’m not a fan of the loud sounds it makes when you turn the speaker on but for the price, I can live with it. The speaker currently retails at just under £40. For further info and to purchase, visit the official Juice website.