Star Wars C-3PO Head Speaker Review

Every now and then we get a piece of tech that makes us sit back in awe, giving us reason to wake up, crawl to our desks and write reviews for a living. Worth it.

This technological marvel is none other than a Star Wars C-3PO head speaker. Did I build that up too much? But seriously, this thing looks absolutely epic. And what’s more, it even came with a pair of white gloves, to save your greasy finger prints from ruining the shiny aesthetic.

acworldwide c3p0 2

The speaker comes from a company called ACWorldwide who seem to be relatively new to the Bluetooth speaker market. They’ve got two products at the moment: the C-3PO head and a Storm Trooper helmet. Both are Bluetooth speakers designed to work alone or as a pair, if you want both speakers on display in your home.

The thing is pretty large, which makes for a decent speaker-come-ornament in any Star Wars hardened fan’s den.

acworldwide c3p0 3

What was surprising was the fact they actually sounded good. Yeah it’s a cool looking thing, and price wise it’s pretty expensive coming in at £149, but thanks to the 32mm, 3W speakers and downward-facing 102mm, 10W ported Subwoofer, these Star Wars heads sound pretty full. They’re far from being a best speaker at this price point, but they do give it their best. What’s better is the chance to have a stereo sound from them if you have more than one speaker. It gives a full left and right music experience.

One issue with the sound which can be a tad annoying, as it requires constant button presses to balance is the very heavy bass, which I found on countless occasions to really drown out the mids and trebles.

acworldwide c3p0 4

The ACWorldwide Star Wars speakers are great, I can’t take that away from them. I can’t help but feel though that this product has really been built for the Star Wars fans out there. The quality, sound and aesthetic are absolutely fantastic however, and if it’s really something unique you are after to display in your home, then this is definitely. it.

For more information and for the Storm Trooper helmet speaker, visit the ACWorldwide website.