Everyone has that one previous phone they  think of from time to time. Mine was a Nokia 3410, in a kind of turquoise colour and white accent. It was a beast. I dropped it so many times and not a scratch. I even changed the faceplates to suit my personality.

Well Motorola seem to be bringing back the much-loved flip phone style to the general public. It was announced at Lenovo’s Tech World event, and was met with open arms. I had a Samsung flip phone as a kid. It was blue and silver and had a screen on the front which told me the time. Ooo and a built-in camera. No idea the model number through. Ahhh nostalgia.

With this news, Mobiles.co.uk has done a bit of research and asked the nation on which retro phone features would they like to see in modern smart phones. Here are the results:

  1. 5-day battery life (76%)
  2. Flip phone style (45%)
  3. Being able to compose your own ringtones (40%)
  4. Interchangeable phone covers (37%)
  5. A slide out full keyboard (34%)
  6. Sharing music via Bluetooth (24%)
  7. FM radio adapters (19%)
  8. Text message scheduling (19%)
  9. Hooks for phone charms (17%)
  10. Plug-in cameras (13%)

Abby Francis, Mobile Expert at Mobiles.co.uk, comments on the findings: “The Motorola Razr was a hugely iconic phone that captured the attention of many people when it was first released in 2004, racking up 130 million sales over four years and becoming the best-selling flip phone of all time. It seems to still resonate today with 45% of people saying that the flip phone style is the feature they would most like to see on modern smartphones.

“From creating our own ringtones to interchangeable phone covers, personalising a phone was extremely important to the noughties culture, and it’s great to see that whilst technology has moved forward, these features still have a place in our hearts.

“If Motorola do decide to bring back the Razr, it will be interesting to see if other leading manufacturers jump on the bandwagon and introduce any other features from the past to their upcoming models.”

So there you have it. Let us know in the comments below which retro features you miss from your beloved old skool mobiles.