Two months have passed since the arrival of our first Collector’s Corps box so it’s about time we visit the next installment; the Marvel Collector’s Corps. Women of Power is the theme and although I’m not 100% clued up on my Superheroines, I’m excited to see what’s inside! Let’s get stuck in!


In typical fashion, the box is beautifully detailed and this time, Spider Gwen is drawn on the front. Lifting the lid open for the first time I am greeted by the patch and the pin. The patch in this box is of Kamala Khan. For those of you who don’t know who she is, she’s a teenage superheroine with shapeshifting abilities and also goes by the name of Ms. Marvel. The pin in this box is of Spider-Woman! They both look pretty cool and will look good in any collection.


Lifting the next lid, we get into the real goodies! On top of everything is a leaflet showing the theme for the next box and details whats included in this box. After that, we have the comic book and this time round, it features Spider Woman, Ms Marvel, Valkyrie, Elektra and Captain Marvel. The illustrations/cartoons are fantastic and like before, it makes for an enjoyable read. Next up we have the t-shirt, which this time shows the distinctive image of Spider Gwen, with her hood up and her name underneath. It’s an outline only print, with black ink on a grey t-shirt. The quality of the shirt itself remains good but this time round, the design doesn’t quite hit the spot for me and it feels a little cheap with the use of one colour print. It just doesn’t stand out like the t-shirt from the previous box!


Under the t-shirt are the remaining products. First we have two Funko Mystery Minis but without the mystery, the boxes state what you get and you get She Hulk and Captain Marvel! These are smaller figurines than the Pop Vinyls and even Drobz, but once again, very collectible. I don’t collect these but they do look smart and I already know that they have been a hit with many in the community.


To finish off and probably the most desired item of all in the box, the Funko Pop, and this time round we have…Squirrel Girl. You might be thinking, who is she, and that’s probably due to that fact that superheroine have yet to get their own blockbuster movie. But die-hard comic book fans will know who she is. In brief, she has the ability to communicate with squirrels and it turns out, that’s quite a handy tool, as she has been able to beat many super villians! I love the Pop, it’s Marvel so it’s a bobble head (which all Marvel heads are to let you know) and not only do you get Squirrel Girl, but you get a tiny squirrel companion which is also a bobble head. It’s cute.


I’m not a fan of the t-shirt, I think they could have done a better job with it but other than that, quite a good box and I like that they went with the Women of Power theme, as it will highlight to many, new characters that you may never have known about otherwise. I’m still sad it’s only every two months but I understand why! Oh and if you didn’t take note of the images…Spiderman is the theme for the August box! YEEHHH!