Juice are back with a new speaker…possibly the SMALLEST speaker in the entire world, I mean, its the size of a plump raspberry! Will this tiny speaker be any good? Will it be better than the speakers you already have, built into your smart phone and tablets? Lets get into this box and find out!

Ironically, quite a large box arrived on my desk, full of bubble wrap and then this teeny, tiny, clear, acrylic box. The acrylic box is so tough, there wasn’t a need for the cardboard box but its better to be over protected, than not at all. If you’ve had a Juice product before, then you will recognise this stylish, secure packaging and we love it in the TechNuovo office. In the box is the speaker and a USB cable, which I’m surprised they managed to fit in.


Taking the speaker out for the first time and you cant help but admire how cute it is, but with that, comes my initial concerns. We usually associate decent speakers with a reasonably sized driver(s) and some weight to it from the chunky magnet but this has neither. This speaker is a mere 26mm sq, packed with a USB port, internal battery, speaker and whatever else is required for it to work. Quite remarkable really! At the front of the speaker is a grill, to the rear is one single button, to turn on/off & play/pause, a micro USB port on the top and a small indicator light. There is also a tiny hole, so you can loop a piece of thread through so you can hang it onto something.

Tech Spec:

  • Speaker compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android including: Samsung, Blackberry, HTC and Windows phones
  • Easy pairing Bluetooth and setup
  • Around 6-hours of playback on Bluetooth® and 10 hours via audio line-in
  • Size: 26 x 26 x 26mm
  • Remote camera function for your smartphone
  • Built-in handsfree

The speaker is incredibly light, incredibly small and very portable. Its constructed in plastic and feels fairly robust & durable, and wouldn’t expect much damage to occur if said speaker was dropped on the floor. The speaker comes in a few colours and we got sent a red version but can only see black available online right now.


Now down to its performance…im pleasantly surprised. When you take into consideration its size, weight & price, this is a good little speaker. The sound quality isn’t amazing but you cant expect it to be. That being said, the speaker can go fairly loud and offers very acceptable sound quality. I would say the speaker just about out performs the built in speakers on my iPhone 6.

Hands free works fine. Its clear, loud enough and I had no complaints from the guy on the other end of the call. A super cool feature that I haven’t seen before is the remote control function for taking photos. Once the speaker is connected to your phone, open the camera app and double click the on/off button, and it takes a photo! Im not sure I would use it often but its great for group shots, very easy to use and it actually works really well.

Im sure you are thinking, how much will this little speaker set me back? Well it costs £9.99 and taking everything into consideration, this could be an ideal speaker for many people/purposes. For further info and to purchase, visit the official Juice website.