Fugoo Sport Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Fugoo Sport Bluetooth Speaker claims to be the speaker of choice for people with active lifestyles and I must say, this is true.

On first impression the Fugoo Bluetooth Speaker was packaged well. The plastic exterior of the box is strong enough to withstand transport. The speaker is shown off on top while the A/C adapter and cables are housed internally. The cables match the colour of the speaker giving a stylish finish.

The speaker itself is tough. It’s advertised as being all weather resistant claiming that it will work through mother nature’ elements like water, dust. mud and snow which I can confirm, it is. Except snow. Spring is starting here at the moment so no snow for us.

The jacket part of the speaker has been designed to protect the unit from drops and bumps. It uses rubber padding so it will absorb any impact the case endures. The core and jacket also produce an air tight to improve the overall sound quality. It also protects the speakers from up to three feet of water, sand, dust and anything else that could find its way inside.

The jacket is fully customizable too, meaning there are a number of different coloured jackets on the market to keep the speaker looking fresh, or even to match your style. There are several different colours to choose from and are all available from the Fugoo website.

Fugoo deliver a full 360 degree sound from its new Bluetooth speaker so whichever side of the speaker you’re sitting, you’ll get the same quality music as the person opposite you. There are twol tweeters, two subwoofers and two passive radiators. Six drivers are placed on all sides delivering a decent sound quality but lacks some bass frequencies.

We used a direct link to the Fugoo speaker using a 3.5mm headphone jack so we didn’t have any quality loss from the wireless Bluetooth connection and I must admit, it didn’t sound as good as I hoped. Yes, for background music this speaker is definitely decent, but if music is going to be the centre of your evening, then for £129.99, there are better options on the market.

There is an internal lithium battery that will hold its charge for up to 40 hours so you can enjoy your music anywhere for a decent amount of time. The speaker uses a USB connection to charge it again which is supplied in the box.

I get what Fugoo are going for with their new Bluetooth Speaker. It’s stylish, has a number of different accessories you can buy as extra purchases, and it’s definitely resistant to the elements. I’m just not sure the price is worth it for this bit of kit. It’s a bit of a fashion accessory and I would really only recommend it if you are going travelling, or are a massive fan of outdoor activities. For every day use, there are other alternatives on the market.

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