The PNY Wireless Selfie Stick Review

We’ve never checked out selfie sticks on TechNuovo before. We’ve never really felt like we had the need to. Selfie sticks are something you would generally find being sold at your local market after being imported from somewhere far away like China. They’ve been cheap goods that haven’t offered much in the way of tech. It doesn’t mean they’re not a good idea, they’ve taken the world by storm. I mean just look at the amount of tourists wandering the streets on city break holidays carrying them.

But PNY has brought something to the table that will make using a selfie stick so much easier. Usually you would have to stick your phone on a five second timer and then quickly get your phone into position to take the picture, but with PNY’s added Bluetooth, there is a small button on the handle which acts as your shutter button. No more faffing around to get the perfect shot.

The PNY Wireless Selfie Stick is also very well built. At the base is a rubber handle. There is a silver pole that extends up to 100cm. The pole feels like it’s made from a thin metal, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s plastic. Either way, it feels very solid and is able to hold up larger phones such as the iPhone 7 Plus or even compact cameras.

At the end is a screw mount so you can connect it to your compact camera. There is an included smart phone mount which is compatible again with even the larger smart phones on the market as it has an extendable arm to slide the phone into.

One thing I noticed was the PNY Wireless Selfie Stick didn’t like being plugged it into my Samsung charging plug. The red indicator light didn’t come on to let me know it was charging. I tried charging it using an alarm clock with USB passthrough and it worked. Not sure if this is an issue with the model I’ve received, or if it can’t handle that much power from a wall socket, but it seemed strange.

There’s something telling me that selfie sticks aren’t going anywhere for a while, and there’s something about this selfie stick that puts an edge on the market. It currently retails at between £14.99 and £19.99 and can be found on all popular e-commerce websites. You can also find more information on the PNY website.

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