So how many of you are guilty of taking work home from the office? I’m going to be the first to put my hand up to that. Even though TechNuovo is run from a home office, I don’t think my setup is anywhere free from risk.

A survey of 1,004 people carried out by etailer found that 19% of us don’t have a proper office chair to work from while at our desks.

But if you’re one of the 24% that work from a sofa or similar location then you could be at risk too. I must admit though, you need the space to be able to set up a proper home desk. I know how it feels to be cramped into the corner of a room. On the plus side though, working on a laptop while watching Netflix? That’s something I’m pretty guilty of, but who cares… Better Call Saul has just stared again!

This can be seen as a problem though because issues such as back injuries and repetitive strain problems could all quickly start due to the poor posture from sitting on a sofa for long periods of time.

Only 34% of us though claim to work from an actual desk. 41% take our work home from the office at least once a week. With pressures building within the corporate world, it’s no surprise that people want to stay ahead of the game. To be honest, from my experience, it’s almost an expectation of the higher ups of this world that their staff take work home with them.

Apparently the millennials among us are the most likely to do this. Probably because late night study sessions and slob like behaviour from university are so ingrained on our minds it’s hard to break habit. Hear that bosses? Hire us. We’ll work more overtime.

Mark Kelly, marketing manager at said: “The data shows that, unfortunately, many workers are really risking their physical health to get their work done. The odd hour or two slumped in front of a laptop on the sofa might not seem like it will cause a big problem in the long term, but over time this can cause issues with posture and repetitive strain injury.

“It is vital that, if working from home is a regular thing, workers have a proper office chair and either a desk or laptop to work from, to allow them to ensure their screen or laptop is at the correct height, their posture will remain straight and their arms will be at the right angle while typing. All of these are vital to preventing some of the problems associated with computer-based working.”

There are worse offenders than others, so check out the list below and see if you’re one of them.

1.    Information and communications – 17%

2.    Marketing – 21%

3.    Professional services (law, accountancy) – 25%

4.    Education – 31%

5.    Administrative and support services – 37%

6.    Utilities – 43%

7.    Healthcare – 48%

8.    Local or national Government – 52%

9.    Manufacturing – 53%

10. Creative and photographic – 41%

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