Stef uses a shotgun mic in the main studio but for me, at home, I’ve always used a lav mic. I like how easy it is to set up and use, it usually just picks up my voice and it’s a cheap option for starting out. Joby got in touch, they sent over their Wavo Lav Mobile for us to check out. 

The Wavo Lav Mobile is a lavalier mic, a small microphone you clip onto your top and then plug into your camera, smartphone or audio device. It’s a plug and play affair via TRRS, so you can plug it directly into your smartphone via 3.5mm port or via your cameras 3.5mm port, with the supplied TRS adapter cable. However, no iPhone lightning or USB-C port adapter is provided as default, so if you want to use it with a certain smartphone, you’ll need to purchase a separate adapter. The lav comes with a 1.8m long cable, 2 windshields and 3 dead cats (black, red and rainbow), all put together in a small carry case. 


The microphone itself is very small, it comes complete with a clip so you can either clip it onto the outside of your top, or inside, which is how I usually use it and has no effect on performance. The cable at 1.8m, it’s just about long enough but it is limited. I’ve used mics before with upto 5m of cabling, which really allows you to have your camera, on a tripod, away from your desk while presenting. However, that’s quite specific to me, or fellow YouTubers, and those that are using this with a mobile, perhaps with the Joby GorillaPod Vlogging Kit, then the length will likely not be an issue if you are vlogging. 

Setting up, very straightforward, the only thing you need to decide upon is how to connect and via which adapter, either the TRS one provided or if you need another.  You’ve then good the foam guard or dead cat, with the latar being best used externally, to help reduce wind being picked up. 


As for recording performance, very good considering its price tag of under £45. I came through clear, the default volume was good, I didn’t need to talk louder or increase the volume post-production. My voice sounded rounded, there was some bass to my voice which was nice and overall, very impressed with the out the box performance. Edit the audio a little in Audition or similar, change the EQ and you can make it sound even better.

Check out the video below, this was recorded with my Canon M6 mirrorless camera and the Wavo Mic, via the TRS adapter. 

At £45, the Joby Wavo Lav Mobile is an affordable option to help you up your audio game for your videos, which will be far superior to any onboard camera you have. Noted for mobile, however, no adapters are provided for lightning or USB-C, which is disappointing so bear that in mind. Also worth considering if 1.8m will be long enough for you or not. For everything else, very impressed with how the microphone performed. 

For more info, head over to the official Joby website.