We got some news for you today from the Dell / Alienware camp and they will have a bunch of new laptops hitting the market soon.

Kicking things off, a new Alienware m15 R6 laptop, with Intel under the hood. From what we can tell, it looks and will feel the same as its previous model, the R4 but will have new hardware inside. The R6 starts at an Intel i5 and will go up to the i9 11900H CPU, while GPUs will range from the new Nvidia RTX 3050 Ti all the way up to an RTX 3080 with 8GB of VRAM, plus everything in between. . There are RAM options up to 32GB and storage up to 2TB. As for the display, 15.6-inch in size with a resolution of 1080p at 360 Hz or 1440p at 240 Hz. A appears to be a keyboard option too, allowing you to choose Cherry MX low-profile mechanical keys if you wanted. Just one colour option available, Alienwares popular Dark Side Of The Moon grey and price-wise, they start at $1299 and will go north of $2000 fully kitted out I imagine. 

Alienware has also teased us with potentially a new flagship laptop, and at the moment, it is just a tease. They’re calling it the Alienware X17, so we can assume it’ll be a 17inch display but we’ve got no other specs or details just yet. However, they have said the x17 will include an industry first, an element 31 thermal interface material made of gallium silicone matrix, that delivers a decrease to overall thermal resistance over the previous generation. Apparently, they have seen extraordinary improvement in contact resistance from preliminary testing. I thought we had a bit of a shortage of silicone at the moment, perhaps that’s where it’s all gone, into the Alienware R and D department. They also go on to say the X17 will include a new quad fan, that will produce dedicated airflow using evacuative fans and dual opposite outlet fans, which should bring temps out and improve performance. There last bullet point states they’re teaming up with Intel to use their 11th gen chips and Nvidia with their 30 series cards. Plenty of promise for this X17 and from the images, it’s good but that’s all we know right now, so watch this space.  

Now we move onto the Dell-branded announcements and a new G15 laptop. We’ve got an improved thermal design, which they’ve taken from Alienware, so temps should be good. They’ve teamed up with Intel and will be using their 11th Gen processors, up to i7 level. GPU-wise, they’re going with Nvidia and their RTX 30 series range and are offering performance options up to 115Watts. It’ll be a 15” 1080p display with either 120 or 165hz, depending on which build you go for. We’ve got 4 zone RGB, environmentally conscious paint on the palm rest (and I have absolutely no idea what that means), and a turbo boost mode that will change the fan profile, increasing speed and hopefully performance too. Visually, fairly chunky, especially at the rear but I’ve seen worse and I can appreciate what they’re trying to do here with the fans. Three finishes will be available, dark shadow grey, specter green, or phantom grey. Prices start at $799 and will be available in the US from June 3rd. 

Dell has also announced two new workhorses, the XPS 15 and 17, to give more power to the editors, the creators, the workers. Similar spec options are available for both, including 11th gen Intel chips, with the XPS 17 up to i9 8core 5ghz and also has the option for an RTX 3060 GPU while the XPS 15 can only have the 3050 and a slightly lower spec i9 CPU. Plenty of similarities between the two, including their displays, which is a 4K infinity-edge panel, with display HDR 400, 500 nit brightness, and 100% Adobe RGB minimum. Two screen sizes obviously, 15 or 17”, with the XPS15 offering a 3.5k option as well and the XPS 17 has a 1080p option too. Plenty of ram and storage options, different batteries too. These look very sleek, very slim bezels, compact base, although ports have been sacrificed. Release date unclear but potentially the 3rd June like the G15. The XPS 15 starts at $1249, while the 17 starts at $1449. 

They were the highlights for us but they do also have a number of new Precision products being released, Latitude and OptiPlex too, plus a new ANC headset and USB-C Hub Monitor.