It’s been some time since I tried any new Jam products, although they have never been too far away from me, as the Jam Rhythm and Symphony WiFi speakers continue to be my go to in my home.  They have recently released a new wave of speakers and headphones, including their ‘chill’ series, which includes the Zero Chill, Chill Out & Double Chill. We got sent the latter, two Double Chill speakers, so I’m guessing I will be able to sync them up for some stereo audio. Let’s find out.

The Double Chill is a small, portable Bluetooth speaker, capable of pairing with another for stereo audio and includes a water & dust proof construction, ideal for outdoor activities. In the box, you get the speaker, USB charging cable, aux cable and a quick start guide. The speaker comes with a 2 year warranty from Jam.

Noteworthy spec’s:

– Bluetooth with 30m/100ft range
– 12 hours playback via rechargeable lithium battery
– Speakerphone function
– Pair two speakers together to create stereo sound
– Water & dust proof (IP67 rated)


The speaker itself is small, it’s very much handheld and portable. It can come in a variety of colours, although the official Jam website currently only have black, blue and grey on sale. It has a plastic case, with most of the sides covered in a fabric material. To the bottom of the speaker is a removable cover, which allows access to the aux in and micro USB ports. There is also a small side cover, which allows you to pull the charging or aux cable through and sit the speaker nicely, if desired. Both covers were tough to open first time round, they do provide a waterproof seal remember! There are just two rubber push buttons on the speaker, which allow you to power on/off, play, pause, change track or volume and accept calls. Between each button, the raised part, is also actually button, which is used to turn the speaker on/off. Yes, you can use the speaker in a conference call situation.  There is also a small, fixed strap, allowing you to connect the speaker to a clip of sorts.

Before using the speaker, ensure you charge it via the USB cable. Jam recommend a minimum of 2 hours charge, which should give you the stated 12 hours playback. No plug adapter is provided, so either use one you have lying around, possible phone charger? or plug into your pc or laptop. Red indicator light means battery is low, solid means it’s charging and when the light goes out, the battery is fully charged. Pairing two speakers together is done via several button sequences between the two, it’s quite straight forward but I recommend you follow the instructions provided. The speaker is IP 67 rated, which means it can be fully submerged in up to 1m of water, if needed. However, if the base at the bottom is not fully secured, then it is no longer IP rated and water will cause damage.


For the size and shape of these little speakers, the sound quality is excellent. They are small, so they do lack bass, which was expected. However, the quality of the sound produced is clear & loud, and there is a touch of bass. Sound quality remains are the higher volumes and pairing two together, only increases to the quality & experience. Using the speaker was easy, there isn’t too much that can go wrong with the three buttons, and I can confirm it is waterproof, I did test it.

With a RRP of £39.99, this is a solid buy for me, for it’s portability, sound quality, robustness and battery life. Getting two adds to the experience, but it’s not necessary and chances are, you wouldn’t want to take two speakers out with you anyway, I wouldn’t. Two thumbs up from me!

For more info, check out the official Jam website.