Want To Upgrade? But How Much Is Your Old iPhone Worth?


Did you hear about yesterdays event? Something about Apple…Oh yes! Three new iPhones, the XS, XS Max and XR, available for pre order as of tomorrow, in stores on the 21st. In case you missed it, heres a quick run down of what these phones have on offer:


iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max iPhone Xr
Pricing From £999 From £1099 From £749
Screen size 5.8 inches (147.32mm) 6.5 inches (165.1mm) 6.1 inches (154.94mm)
Screen resolution 2,436 x 1,125 (458ppi) 2,688 x 1,242 (458ppi) 1,792 x 828 (326ppi)
Screen type Super Retina OLED Super Retina OLED Liquid Retina LCD
Internal storage 64 / 256 / 512GB 64 / 256 / 512GB 64 / 128 / 256GB
Rear camera Dual cameras:
Wide-angle, 12MP, f/1.8, 1.4μm pixel size
Telephoto, 12MP, f/2.4
Dual cameras:
Wide-angle, 12MP, f/1.8, 1.4μm pixel size
Telephoto, 12MP, f/2.4
Wide-angle, 12MP, f/1.8, 1.4μm pixel size
Front-facing cam 7MP, f/2.2 7MP, f/2.2 7MP, f/2.2
Video capture 4K at 60fps 4K at 60fps 4K at 60fps
Chip Apple A12 Bionic Apple A12 Bionic Apple A12 Bionic

Now, if you like the look of one of the new iPhones, and you’re keen to get one soon, you’ve probably woken up this morning, wondering what to do with your old one. You could keep it, it’s always handy to keep a spare. You could sell it, privately or on selling sites such as eBay, but then you have to consider the 10% eBay fee, plus the 3% PayPal fee, and the hassle of selling it What’s the alternative? You could use one of the many mobile recyling websites, which take your old phone away for you, for an agreed price.

The question is, how much is your old iPhone worth?

You could have one of many iPhones, there are so many now, but for this example, we’re going to focus on last years big hitter, the iPhone X. Here is what your phone could be worth:

iPhone X – Working / Unlocked / 64gb (prices on 13/09/2018)
GoodBuyTech = £540
MusicMagpie = £520
Envirophone = £510
02 Recyle= £480

There are certain terms and conditions you need to consider, but as long as the phone works and is in good condition, no cracked screens, they will usually pay out their original offer price and the money will be paid straight into your bank. All you do, is post it to them. Simple.

Now, you may think you might get more money if you sold on a site such as eBay. You may be right, searching through their sold listings, there are a few pre owned iPhone X’s sold for upto £650, but then you need to take off the 13%, which takes that down to £565, unless you activate an eBay offer, such as the £1 final fee they sometimes do.

Both options are viable, although I personally think the buyers expectations on eBay will be higher, so you need a pristine condition phone to warrant those high bids. If you plan on upgrading and selling your old iPhone, it’s worth doing your research and comparing prices. These prices stated today, are near on certainly going to fall, as more people trade in when the new phones are available!

For those that have an older iPhone, here are the best trade in prices available today.

iPhone 8 64gb – £361 from Quick Mobile Fix
iPhone 8 Plus 64gb – £456 from Quick Mobile Fix
iPhone 7 32gb – £225 from GoodBuyTech
iPhone 6s 32gb – £150 from MC Recycle
iPhone 5 16gb – £28 from Music Magpie

These prices have been taken from www.comparemymobile.com, who’m have also done a little research that i’ll insert here…


  • Britons have four days following the Apple Event to switch their handset to get the best available trade-in price, with prices dropping by as much as 14% after this period
  • The latest iPhone model depreciates the most in the days leading up to the Event, but older models depreciate quicker following
  • Apple Fever cured? The appetite for the latest handset is decreasing, just 34% of under 30s like to have the latest handset
  • 72% of those who won’t be upgrading are happy enough with their current handset
  • 13.7% are waiting to be ‘wowed’ before they upgrade

For those looking to trade in their current handsets ready for the new one, research has found that smartphone users have just four days following the latest unveiling to sell or upgrade in order to get the best value, before the offers really start to depreciate.

In the week leading up to last year’s Apple Event and in the four days following the event, research showed that the value of iPhone handsets hardly depreciated. The five iPhone handsets that saw the biggest depreciation, up to 7%, were found to be:

  • iPhone 7 Plus, 256GB – £30 loss (down 6.9%)
  • iPhone 7 Plus, 32GB – £25 loss (down 6%)
  • iPhone 7, 128GB – £16 loss (down 4.3%)
  • iPhone 7, 32GB – £16 loss (down 4%)
  • iPhone 7, 256GB – £14 loss (down 3%)

This changed somewhat from day 5 onwards following last year’s Apple Event, where the cost of the handsets depreciated even more. The five iPhones that saw the biggest depreciation – with some jumping by almost 10% – were found to be:

  • iPhone 6s, 64GB – £38 loss (down 14%)
  • iPhone 5, 256GB – £55 loss (down 13.7%)
  • iPhone 7 Plus, 128GB – £55.10 loss (down 13%)
  • iPhone 7 Plus, 32GB – £45.95 loss (down 10.3%)
  • iPhone 7, 128GB – £30 loss (down 8.5%)
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