Jam Audio WiFi Speaker Range Review

When you think about wireless speakers, you probably think about Bluetooth as its means of connectivity. When you think about WiFi speakers, you probably think of Sonos, as they were the first to truly offer a brilliant WiFi speaker solution. But now, Jam Audio has produced two new speakers to take on the market. We got sent both, the new Symphony and Rhythm WiFi speakers to check out.

Before I even open the box, I can see the Symphony is the larger of the two speakers and will be dominant. Open the boxes and I am greeted by two rather good looking units! The Symphony is the larger of the two, with the Rhythm being about half the size. Both speakers look similar, with glossy black exteriors, dark grey mesh over the front and buttons on top. The Symphony has its curves, while the Rhythm is more square, but put them next to each other and they look great. Both speakers require power and do not have internal batteries, so they cannot be used outside without an external socket. On the top of each speaker are rubbery, push buttons to control the speakers. They both offer similar control, in the form of play/pause, volume up/down etc but the Symphony offers more preset buttons, which I’ll get onto later.


Here are some of the advertised features for the speakers:

  • Both speakers offer a 2.1 speaker set up. Symphony for larger rooms, Rhythm for small to mid.
  • You can sync upto 8 Jam WiFi speakers at any time. You can also group speakers and play individual tracks to specific groups or speakers.
  • Control the speakers via the free Jam Audio App.
  • Stream your favorite music via Spotify, Rhapsody, iHeartRadio and more
  • Built in intercom via the Jam app, which could fun!
  • One touch music, for instant access to your favorite stations. 4 buttons on the Symphony, 1 on the Rhythm. After set up, hit a button and it will automatically start playing your favoirite radio station or Spotify playlist.

Setting up the speakers was a breeze! Once you’ve unpacked them, simply plug in at the power and they will set themselves up for the first time. It takes about a minute to first set up and voice commands will tell you what’s going on. There’s no need for you to do anything at this stage. In the meant time, you need to download the official Jam app from any of the App stores and install it. Once the speaker informs you they are set up and have found your WiFi network, it’s time to open the app. I shouldn’t have to say it, but yes, WiFi is required to use these speakers to their full capabilities, however you do have a trusty aux input still. Open the app and it will say ‘New Speaker Setup’. Follow the instructions and you will be able to set up both speakers individually. It’s very easy and I managed to install them without any issues.

jam_rhythmWithin the app, you are able to control each speaker, group them together, select music locally on your device or via external sources such as Spotify. If you have one or two speakers, you may not use this feature but if you have more, you will be pleased to know you can assign different songs to different speakers or groups of speakers. For example, you may have two speakers upstairs that you want to listen to the radio, but downstairs, you want to listen to some smooth Jazz on the three speakers you have there. The feature works great but you need to remember you can only use one music source to a group or speaker i.e. you can’t play two different songs from one Spotify account at the same time…or at least I couldn’t!

In terms of performance, they perform beautifully! The Symphony is the bigger speaker and as expected, offers a better overall sound when compared to its smaller brother. Both offer rich, crisp tones, with ample bass. Both of the speakers can get very loud and the neither lose any quality at the higher volumes. The Symphony will easily fill a large room or even your entire house! I moved the speakers around to multiple locations, closer and further away from the router and at no point did I lose any quality or drop out of music. So assuming you have a router with a decent range and/or wifi extenders, the coverage could be huge! I had these on for hours and enjoyed every minute!

I absolutely loved these speakers and will be getting multiples of them to fill my house. They are so easy to set up, control. They’re flexible and they sound excellent. I would have liked to seen an internal battery on the Rhythm, as that would really have ticked all the boxes and allow even more flexibility. I have used Sonos products many times and if you put the two together, you may hear slightly better quality from Sonos but it’s negligible. Not to mention how much more expensive Sonos is! Right now, you can pick up both speakers, yes the Symphony and the Rhythm, delivered, for just £129.99. Stop reading this now, go buy them. GO! You will not be disappointed. For further info and to purchase direct, visit the official Jam Audio website.