Jam Heavy Metal Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Jam Heavy Metal Portable Bluetooth Speaker came out of the box and was playing music within seconds, and we really, really like that.


But it didn’t sound great. That was until I used the equaliser on my Galaxy S7 Edge and it burst into life. It was the same on a S6 too, so assume any decent phone will get the max out of the Jam Heavy Metal.


Our of the box, you may find the bass a little lacking, but it is there. The Jam Heavy Metal responded amazingly well to my adjustments and soon was paying some rich sounds that was still amazing to listen to several rooms away.


OK, this is not going to be a room-filler at a noisy party, but for something you can take anywhere you fancy and listen to your tracks, the Jam Heavy Metal is tough to beat.


And now for the real kicker Рat the time of writing, this Jam Heavy Metal Portable Bluetooth Speaker was selling in the shops for under £60 in places like Currys. The company website had it £75. That is astonishing, considering the quality of music we were hearing. And remember, this is portable.

It looks a little like a Bose system but without the big name. It is also so easy to use. I like to turn my Bluetooth speakers to maximum and control the volume with my phone. A nice voice lets you know this has happened, along with powering on and off, and to announce it is all set to be paired. A tiny blue dot light on the front is the only illumination.


On the top of the Jam Heavy Metal Portable Bluetooth Speaker is the power button, volume up and down and track skips, and play/pause.

It’s all you need. The usual USB socket is on the side. They reckon to get eight hours play from fully charged which takes around three hours.

Of course it is also a speaker phone, and you get your notification sounds played too, so if you get loads, perhaps turn when off when playing music.


Bluetooth range is 30ft. Sound from the Jam Heavy Metal Portable Bluetooth Speaker is from dual drivers and a dual passive bass radiator.

The body is in aluminium and feels decently solid, but not too heavy to ruin that portability. May be a bit much in a handbag, but a rucksack won’t even notice the Jam Heavy Metal, which is around the size of a water bottle.

The Jam Heavy Metal Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a great piece of kit, and should be on your list to play with when you are in a shop that actually lets you use stuff. You will be impressed.

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