You may have heard of JAM in the past, we’ve checked them out a few times before. They produce headphones, earphones, portable Bluetooth speakers etc but now, they’re dipping their toes into the bookshelf speaker category too. They have just released their first pair of bookshelf speakers and we got sent a pair to try out for the week.

As for technical information on the speakers, there isn’t any. There is nothing noted on the website, the box or instructions, no sign of wattage or type of components used etc. However, we do know each speaker includes a 4″ bass woofer and a 0.75″ tweeter, Bluetooth connectivity with RCA and AUX inputs too and the size of each speaker, coming in at 25H x 13W x 25D cm.

The speakers come in three different finishes, black, beech wood and then a more oaky-looking wood effect too. To the front of the speaker has a black mesh grille, with the JAM logo at the top. The grille cannot be removed, which is a shame. Each speaker sits on four small rubber feet, which helps raise the speaker up and reduce any vibrations on the surface. They are very lightweight and small in size, for bookshelf speakers that is. The overall appearance is nice, they’re subtle and will suit most decors. The build quality is ok and I fear if I saw them with the wood effect wrap, I don’t think it would like them as much.


The left speaker is the master, the right the slave, so the left has the built-in amplifier and the two connect via standard speaker cable (provided). The amplifier includes rotary power on button, also used as source select, plus a Bluetooth pairing button, power in, AUX in and RCA line in. Both speakers have a bass port at the rear, near the top. In the box, you get the speakers, power adapter, speaker cable and RCA cable too.

As for audio performance, they weren’t too bad at all. Now, I’ve tried some low, mid and high-end speakers and at just ¬£79.99, these are on the low end but they performed better than I expected, all things agiven. Low to mid volumes, it’s nice, it’s very pleasant, with a fairly well-balanced sound produced. Increase that volume to the upper end and the quality begins to drop off, as there just isn’t enough thump in the low end by those 4″ woofers to keep up with the mids and highs. Volume can be quite loud, more than enough to fill the downstairs of my house, although they sound better at the lower volumes.


As for controls, these are very simple but work very well. Once turned on, you can select which source you want your audio from, via the rotary knob. As you select through the sources, the indicator light changes colour, which helps identify which source you’re on. The controls are at the rear and there is no remote control, so if they are put on a shelf, with books or other items, you need to either move said items or allow space for you to get your hand behind, to change source.

There is plenty of speaker cable provided, so you can place these at 2,3,4 meters apart with ease. Remember to keep them at ear level for optimum performance. Bluetooth range also was ok, I got about 8 to 10 meters away before showing any signs of dropping off.

At ¬£79.99, they’re a nice-looking, practical pair of speakers, with enough inputs to cater to a number of sources and they sound good (for the money). JAM has ‘premium’ speakers on their box, which is a little farfetched, and if we did star ratings, a solid 3.5/5.

For more info and to purchase, head over to the offical JAM website.