“OMG, 2020 has been such a crazy year hasn’t it hun! I LEGIT don’t think I can COPE anymore. I had to stay inside for some of it and watch Netflix while my online shopping got delivered by a redundant airline pilot.” I often wonder if it’s me getting older and having less patience, or as a society we are just absolutely useless like a local council trying to deal with 1cm of snow and months of advance warnings. We seem to be unable to deal with the most minor of inconveniences to help others. That, or we’re too selfish to care so it’s easier to believe everything is a conspiracy theory. I mean let’s be honest there’s a lot of research pointing towards Kim Jong-Un having weaponised bats with 5G signals who deliver COVID-19 to Western countries under his master plan to destabilise Western society from the screen of his Atari 2600.

You may ask what you can do to help. You may say look Greg I care, I’m not a “Karen” and I’m not bulk buying toilet roll from Amazon Prime like Stef did in the last lockdown and having 80 rolls in his garage. It only took him 4 weeks to get through it by the way. What does that boy eat!

Well dear reader you can do one thing and it’s the easiest thing ever. You can sit on your ass and play videogames, not go outside much and for once you can tell people you’re doing it because you care! Make sure to tell your parents, partners and kids why you’re not going out today. It’s because you are in fact a selfless individual who cares about the greater good. Go you!

These days you don’t even need to pay for games anymore if you own a PC, you just find this little store called the Epic Games store. They are in a perpetual war with the almighty Steam Overlord and every week they decide to give us minions some “free games” to try and win us over. Let’s face it we never will but thanks for the games Epic. (logs off)

Sometimes they don’t make sense. Sometimes they are awful, and sometimes they actually got someone in the board room to let a good one slip by. Depending on my level of motivation and my sheer hatred of playing Destiny 2 (see the Tech Nuovo Destiny stream “IT’S A WIPE BOYS”) I might just sit here playing weird games and writing to pass these lonely, lovely, amazing, warm and safe lockdown days.

Today I’ve decided to do just that and Dungeons 3 peaked my interest. The blurb says; “Dungeons 3 is the latest instalment in the popular Dungeons series of strategy games. Build and manage your own dungeon, recruit monsters and place cunning traps. Dare to conquer the vast overworld in a comprehensive story campaign.”

So it’s a Dungeon Keeper clone but they didn’t mess it up by trying to release a shoddy mobile game like so many others have recently (I see you C&C I see you.) I’ve already had a look and Dungeons 1 and 2 and they weren’t good so the “popular series” tagline is already in doubt. Could Dungeons 3 be the magic number to make things better?

Dungeons 3 clearly has a lot of similarities to Dungeon Keeper. There’s the defending of the Dungeon Heart underground with traps and raising an army to defend this from the humans. However there’s also battles that take place above ground so this dynamic has changed somewhat. Having to battle above ground means you need to counter and build units for the push, manage, organise and defend the dungeon underground with traps and armies all while managing and finding resources and upgrading tech trees and levelling up soldiers.

I’ll admit it I’m already having fun this is my kind of game.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE THE STORY MODE IS NARRATED BY KEVAN BRIGHTING from the Stanley Parable. It’s funny, it made me smile and it made me laugh. Don’t expect Stanley Parable level writing but it’s good. I won’t give much away but it keeps it entertaining. This story spans 11 missions, with most taking 40 to 60minutes each and the whole campaign can be played in co-op. The Dungeons are randomly generated as well to keep it fresh. I’m going to stop now. This game looks good, it plays well, it’s free so you can’t really complain. Add this to your Epic Store and play it… right now.

Do I have to give it a rating? Stef does this have to have a rating, do we still do that? If so, 8/10 – download it!