So this caught my eye and the email dropped. BAST, it’s a new social/shopping platform for gamers, that allows you to organise games with, other gamers BUT those gamers are celebrities. Cool eh? This must cost a fortune, right? I’ve seen those sites that sell personal messages from celebs, I wanted to get Joe one from Wagnor (X-Factor LEDGE) but I saw the price.

BAST is an innovative gaming platform designed to bring gamers of all abilities into direct competition with their favourite celebrities. From the comfort of their own home, gamers are able to compete against their most loved personalities across a multitude of games including Call Of Duty, FIFA 21, PES and UFC 3. 

How’s it work?

You’re free to browse the celebrities and it will detail what game they play, on what platform, and how much they charge. When you find someone you want to play against, you need to create an account, request to play with said celeb and if accepted, pay the fee and you’re good to go. When that time arrives, you need to make sure you’re online and the celeb will invite you into the game.

You miss your slot, no refund I’m afraid and if you thought “Ill stream this on my twitch channel, you remember how big the Ninja and Drake stream was right?!”. Well, you can’t do that either, you cannot use the celeb’s clout to help gain your views, yet.


Games available include the standard go too’s, such as Warzone, Fifa, PES, CS GO and Fortnite, either or on PS4, Xbox One or PC. As for celebrities, they are limited and look to mostly be sportsman (yeh, no women yet). So if you love you’re football and want to play Fifa with Christian Fuchs, then you can. How long do games last, It doesn’t say but I assume it’s time-limited, 30 minutes or an hour and fill it how you please. Prices started at £25 and I’ve seen them as high as £50, which I don’t think is much at all.

I think this has potential. I think if they can get some more, bigger profile celebs, they could be onto something. I hear Lando Norris likes to play a bit of F1 2020., cool URL and I didn’t even know .gg was released. Head to their site if you want to know more.