A couple of months ago, we tried the Pulsefire Surge mouse from Hyper X, and were very impressed with its looks & performance. But that isn’t the only mouse Hyper X has on offer, the other, what we’re looking at today, is the Pulsefire FPS Pro, which is similar to the Surge, with a couple of minor changes.

Similar spec’s to the Surge…

– 360° RGB pulsing effect lighting around the entire mouse
– Pixart 3389 sensors, with native DPI up to 16,000.
– 6 programmable buttons
– Mouse works with HyperX software, for added customisation. 3 onboard profile saves
– Cable length 1.8m (braided)

The differences? The FPS pro has an Omron (20M) switch, instead of the 50M the surge has, meaning it’s not going to last as long (20mil clicks vs 50mil clicks), but who has a mouse that long anyway?! It also has less LED’s, it’s slightly larger, but weighs slightly less.


So, the FPS Pro has a different shape, it’s more ergonomically I think, it fits nicely in my hand, and as its slightly larger, it feels better to hold. Either side of the mouse, there is rubber grip, which is a nice addition, although I’m not a fan of it on the right-hand side, where my little finger is, just a personal thing. There are six buttons, all perfectly positioned & easy to hit, they are customisable too! The buttons feel good when you hit them, you know you’ve hit them and the wheel scrolls nicely.


The FPS Pro has a Pixart 3389 sensor, coupled with the large skates on the bottom, providing a very smooth, fluid movement, and the on-screen tracking is very responsive. You move, the cursor moves. The sensitivity can of course be changed to suit preference, up to 16000 dpi, which I’ve never been able to play with, but the option is there for those that can. Again, customise the dpi, the buttons and the LED lighting, all from the Hyper X software.

I actually played the COD Black Ops 4 Beta with the FPS Pro and although I haven’t played a Call Of Duty title in a long time, I got a few kills! The mouse was a dream to use, it was very quick, responsive and tactile, and would recommend it to anyone.


But which is better? It’s a tough call! The FPS Pro felt better in my hand, as it’s slightly larger and the sides are more grippy. The Surge looks better in my opinion, the pulsing LED’s get me going every time, it’s also got that increased Omron switch, but both of those things come at a higher price. Both are great, it just depends which one suits you best!

The FPS Pro currently retails at £49.99, £10 cheaper than the surge. Also, don’t forget to get a mat to use with your mouse!

For more info, check out the official Hyper X FPS Pro webpage.

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