Dodocool DA156 Wireless Earphone Review


Dodocool is one of those brands that sell mainly on Amazon, they offer an affordable product for a number of items, including USB hubs, power banks, cables, speakers and several headphones. Headphones are what we’re looking at today, well earphones, in fact, the DA156 wireless Bluetooth earphones to be correct. Bluetooth, wire-free, noise canceling, touch-sensitive controls…the list goes on, and for a small cost of just £19.99?! How is that possible, what’s the catch? Let’s find out.

Here’s a brief overview of what’s on offer:

– Touch-sensitive controls on the earphones
– CVC 6.0 noise cancellation
– Siri / Google Assistant compatible
– Wireless 4.1 microchip tech
– HD microphone
– Bluetooth with up to 33ft distance
– IPx5 aka splash resistant
– 8-hour playback via 120 mAh battery

Inside the box, you get the earphones, within a separate hard carry case, micro USB cable for charging, different sized earbud covers, instructions and a warranty card (18 months). The earphones are wireless, in the fact you do not plug them into your music device, but there is a wire between each earbud, unlike some on the market now which are completely wireless. The earphones sport a gloss black housing, with red earband and cable. On the right earbud is the on/off button, USB port and touch-sensitive controls. The left earbud does not have touch sensitive controls. They are light, offer added support from the earbands and you can change the earbuds to suit (3 sizes available).


Set up is easy, just turn the earphones on and connect to your Bluetooth enabled device. There is an indicator light that will go from red to blue, once connected. Battery life can also be monitored on your smart device. Charge time is a couple of hours, offering up to 8hrs of playback from a single charge, and there is also an auto switch off, to save battery when not playing music. Control wise, once you press the physical push button to turn on, you then use the touch-sensitive button for other commands. A single press on the touch sensitive earbud will play/pause or answer/ hang up call. Two touches will change to the next track, and a long touch will activate Siri or Assistant. No volume control, this is done by your device only.

Sound quality is better than expected, I was expecting something awful due to the price, but these are far from awful. The sound is clear, there is a good mix of highs and mids, lacking in the lower end a little. Volume is good, loud enough for me, but I’m not too convinced by the noise cancellation. As they are earphones, there is somewhat isolation anyway as they sit inside your ear, so its hard to determine how well that noise cancellation is working. They fit well inside my ear with the medium buds, the hook wraps around the back and they are somewhat comfortable to wear. They fell out a couple of times when sitting down, so imagine they would fall out of my ears a lot if I was to wear them jogging or alike. Control wise, it works really well and I was impressed at how well it works. Built in microphone picked up my voice clearly, resulting in clear phone calls or prompts to Siri.

Wireless earphones, touch controls and a carry case for less than £20, I cant quite believe how they managed it. Questionable noise canceling and some comfort issues, depending on your shape/size of ears but overall, a worthwhile purchase in my mind. For more information, visit the official Dodocool website.

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