PC gaming is huge, gaming in general is huge, with the increase of eSports and games like Fortnite making headline news, albeit for the wrong reasons, gaming is very popular. With the growing population of gamers, comes new products & technologies are being developed to help gamers enjoy or even improve their game. HyperX, a PC peripherals company, have released their latest mouse and associated mat, the Pulsefire Surge and the Fury Pro. They sent them through, so let’s play some games!

The Pulsefire Surge is one of two mice HyperX currently have on the market, retailing at £59.99, which makes it a mid-range gaming mouse, based on price. Let’s run through some of its key features:

– 360° RGB pulsing effect lighting around the entire mouse
– Pixart 3389 sensors, with native DPI up to 16,000. Presents inc 800 / 1600 / 3200 DPI
– Omron switches, which they say will accept 50 million clicks
– 6 programmable buttons
– Mouse works with HyperX software, for added customisation. 3 onboard profile saves
– Cable length 1.8m (braided)

The mouse itself has a beautiful, sleek design, which has been ergonomically formed to the shape of your curved hand. Its shell is constructed from plastic, with a smooth top and rubber sides. There are 6 programmable buttons in total, including two on the left-hand side for thumb triggering. Below the scroll wheel, is the DPI button, which is set to the default 3 settings, 800/1600/3200 DPI, but can be changed to suit using the software.

hyperx_2You will have noticed the distinct RBG strip lighting, flowing around the entire mouse. It’s bright, it’s fun, it’s fully customisable and it looks great. The default setting is for the lights to scroll through the RGB colours, in a pulsing pattern, but there are options. They include a solid light, a breathing effect, the wave/pulsing effect, solid colour cycle or trigger. The settings are fun to play around with and bottom line, it looks rad.

Performance wise, it’s one of the most comfortable and responsive mice I’ve tried to date. It weighs a mere 100g, has two large smooth skates on its bottom and is very easy to glide across the mat. There’s a solid click to each button, including the scroll wheel, so you know when you’ve clicked them. The mouse is very much plug and play, you do not need to install any software, unless you want to customise.

I mentioned the mat, the perfect companion to the mouse. HyperX have just one mat available, called the Fury Pro, which comes in two options, four different sizes and starts at just £10. There is a standard and speed edition, optimised for precision or speed. Sizes include Small = 290x240mm / Medium = 360x300mm / Large = 450x400mm / Extra Large = 900x420mm. It’s made from cloth & rubber and has a thickness of 3-4mm. It’s grippy, it’s forgiving and it’s ever so smooth. The anti-fray stitching around the edge is a nice touch, it stops the mouse from getting edge ware. We got the extra-large version, which is huge and was a little too big for my desk. That being said, it was nice to have both the mouse and keyboard on the same level, with the wrist support from the thick mat.

After using the two items together for several hours, I didn’t want to revert to my original set up. I played a few games, mainly FPS and Moba titles, and I can’t say it massively improved my game, but it was a much more enjoyable and comfortable game at that. If you are looking for a new gaming mouse and mat, I highly recommend this set up. If you like the idea of the mouse but not that mat, get a different mat, do not put your mouse on a bare wooden desk!

For more info, visit the official HyperX website.