We are big fans of Hyper X here at TechNuovo, more so me than the others, but still, they offer some quality products at an affordable price. They have just sent through their entry level keyboard, the Alloy Core RGB and also the Pulsfire Core mouse. I’ve tried some of their more premium products, so I’m interested to see how well these more affordable options perform.

Look & Feel

Opening the box for the first time, I’m greeted with a very well presented keyboard. It’s constructed from plastic, which has been re-enforced in areas, adding to the keyboards durability. It’s black in colour, but of course, this is a gaming keyboard and is fully customisable with RGB. There is the distinct signature light bar to the top of the keyboard and also each key is illuminated, apart from the media keys. The RGB is customisable, offering a lot of flexibility to make it suit your set up/decor.

The keyboard is standard in size, although slightly larger, due to the added media & control buttons. Those media buttons include play/pause, stop, forward & backwards, plus volume on/off or up/down. There are also 3 control buttons, which allow you to adjust the brightness of the lights, set the RGB and also enter game mode. It also has some wrist support at the bottom of the keyboard and two clips on the underside to raise the backup. The keyboard is equipped with a hard-wired 1.8m braided USB cable.

The keyboard features membrane keys (not mechanical), polling rate of 1000Hz, anti-ghosting keys, media keys, a game mode and it’s resistant to spills up to 120ml (which is more of a spraying).



There isn’t much set up required, other than plugging the keyboard into your computer but there a decent level of customisation to talk about.

The keyboard has it’s own built in RGB controls, allowing you to quickly swap between settings from a click of a button. There are six effect presets including Colour Cycle, Spectrum Wave, Breathing, Solid, Aurora and 5 Zones. Those 5 zones are can be customised to a colour of your choice.

There is also a ‘game mode’ button, which once pressed, locks the windows key button so you shouldn’t accidentally press mid game. Why it’s so close to control & shift is beyond me. You can also press FN + F12, to fully lock down the keyboard, if you feel you need to when away from your pc.


The keyboard performs very well. It’s incredibly quiet, yet the keys still feel somewhat tactile to touch. The keys are very smooth, responsive and the overall layout & size is excellent. This is not a mechanical keyboard, so it doesn’t feel, perform or sound the same as some of Hyper X’s mechanical keyboards but you’re also not paying that premium for that level of quality.

The customisation on the keyboard is superb, the RGB effects are fantastic and will defiantly liven up your set up. Having the lighting effects built into the keyboard, save on having to use any software, which is handy. The media keys are also an asset, although I generally just used the volume controls.


Without a doubt, this is a great keyboard, with good performance and a great level of RGB lighting & customisation. At ¬£49.99, it’s a fair price but there are mechanical keyboards on the market in that price range too, albeit with less RBG and generally dont look as good, but may offer better performance.

For more information and to purchase, check out the official Hyper X website.

Pulsefire Core

We got sent over the Pulsefire Core as well, but as I’ve already reviewed the Pulsefire Surge & Pulsefire FPS Pro, which are superior mice, I thought I’d add an honourable mention here.

Retailing at just £34.99, this is the cheapest mouse option from Hyper X and includes a symmetrical shape, RGB (of course), 7 buttons, a Pixart 3327 sensor with a max resolution of 6200DPI & a max speed of 220IPS.

When compared to other mice in the range, you can see the difference in performance and features, from the Core to say the Surge, which I’m currently using. That being said, I used the mouse for just as long as I did the keyboard and it performed very well. However, it was’nt for me as I wanted that higher DPI and increased speed, but it would be more than enough for a noobie gamer.