So we’ve been at Eurogamer or EGX for short, over the last couple of days. We’ve been playing all the latest titles and one that was top of my list, Gran Turismo Sport. The PlayStation booth were showcasing the game, obviously (it’s only available on PS4) and I had to have a go.

Playstation went all out, they put everything into offering the best experience of that game and that meant…VR. Yes, I played GT Sport on PS VR, in a bucket seat, with some pro vibrating steering wheel and audio that blew my mind. It offered such an immersive experience, I ALMOST felt like I was actually driving round Brands Hatch in my Audi R8 supercar… one can dream!

Anyway, I wanted to play GT Sport because I played all the originals growing up and I loved them. I think Gran Turismo 2 was my favourite on the PS2, but all of them were pretty good. It’s been a long time coming for fans and I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering, what can this release offer to the fans? From what I experienced, not too much. The tracks on offer remained the same, the cars available were current, with lots of variety and it offered the same driving experience, just a little bit better.


Graphically it looked beautiful. The cars, track and scenery were crisp and vibrant. The music was on point, similar rocky vibe to previous titles, no Feeder though (best song in a game ever) and the cars sound great. I was only able to play a three lap race, on two circuits, Brands Hatch and Tokyo and yet, it brought back so many memories and I instantly wanted to get it. What else does it have to offer? I’ll have to find out but reading up on the official website, they boast about a 4K  HDR experience for Playstation Pro users, over 150 stock and concept cars, 17 tracks with 28 different layouts, plus many other things. One thing that stood out for me that I wasn’t aware of, you are able to take your customised car to various locations, for a photography shoot! That’s pretty cool.

After just 10 minutes of gameplay, I wanted to play more GT Sport. I think the wait has been long enough for old fans to get excited and not enough quality racing games around for new fans to get excited too. One thing I didn’t like, I played a race with automatic settings, which changed my gears, fine, but it also did my brakes automatically, so I literally just kept my foot on the pedal the whole race and the game broke for me by changing gears, bit lame.

Will it be as good without the VR and the steering wheel? Yeh I think so! Gran Turismo Sport comes out on the 18th October!